Kicking It Off With Some Culture

14 Jan

This past week Mark was back in Amsterdam at work and I had a couple of evening catch-ups which helped pass the time before his Friday evening arrival. Really the week otherwise was pretty boring. It rained just about the whole time so I didn’t spend too much time outdoors, just inside the house cleaning, cooking, watching tv shows, sleeping…yeah not exciting.

On the weekend Mark and I went for dinner with a friend, Chris, whom we haven’t seen in months which was really nice. We went to a wine bar and restaurant where the guys got pretty jolly sipping down a bottle each. The food was fantastic and even though the menu was quite limited, every dish that we each had was presented beautifully and tasted delicious. It is right up there as one of the best meals we’ve had out since we’ve been in Munich.

Just over a week ago we bought tickets to go and see Swan Lake performed by the Russian State Ballet and that was on Sunday night. Mark and I have been to an Opera in Sydney (Jerry Springer…which was hardly a true opera); we’ve seen Music Concerts; we’ve got to see the Sydney Symphony Orchestra play at the Opera House but we hadn’t yet seen a ballet so we thought we would check it out. We had actually wanted to see the Bolshoi Ballet who are performing this coming Sunday but the only tickets left were for really crap seats and because we are hardly ballet connoisseurs we figured we probably wouldn’t notice the different between one of the best companies in the world (Bolshoi) and the one we saw.

I think we both picked up some sloppy landings and realised it could have been better so I think the next time we go to a ballet we will only go if the company is the cream of the crop. My sister used to be a ballerina so I knew what to expect but I think the men’s tights took Markie a little by surprise…not that they were wearing tights but exactly how toight they actually were. His comment to be at intermission was “you can see their anus!” which I thought was hysterical. The tights some of the guys were wearing were white so you kind of could see their anus. The first half hour went on a bit but then picked up once the swans came out, and then the second half was way better and I was able to not nod off in the latter half.

We really didn’t get many photos this past week so some of them that I have put up were from sights we saw during the Christmas break. It’s hard to get photos when you don’t really do anything although we could be better at taking them for the things we do do.

So there might be some news of a move coming up for us. It appears a relocation is on the cards once again and pretty soon, however, we are still waiting to hear back for confirmation and all the intricate details. It could possibly be goodbye Munich after 18 months when our initial allocated time here was 6 months. I am ready for a change I have to say. I’m kind of done with Munich. It’s a wonderful city but I’m ready to discover a new one and be in a different area where we have accessibility to new cities to travel to which we haven’t seen yet. This could potentially mean that a trip back to Sydney in the first half of the year is not going to happen but again we need to hear more details and ask a few more questions and find out expectations.

I won’t tell you where or when yet because it may not happen and then I’ll have to take it all back so until it’s all locked in we will keep the info to ourselves.

This week is going to be a slow one. I had my one catch-up for the week this morning with breakfast with Anita and the rest of the time I have free. Mark flies home on Thursday night though this week so I’ll have him home for 3 days again over the weekend. We currently have no plans for this weekend either but I’m hoping to at least schedule one activity so we don’t die of boredom.

This week it’s just short and sweet. I hope you’re all having a good month and sticking to your New Year’s resolutions if you made any.

Till next time…xx

One Response to “Kicking It Off With Some Culture”

  1. Keeping Up With The Holsbys January 14, 2013 at 9:33 pm #

    I can totally see you two giggling like school kids at the toight toights and ring spotting…. Cracks me up.
    Bummed you won’t be back anytime soon…. I already had the Hoggie Suite made up!

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