The Hoggies Are Having A Piglet!!!

4 Feb
Hoggies Piglet

Hoggies Little Piglet

Big news everyone!!!! Markie and I are having a piglet, due to arrive and Oink it’s way into the world early August. We’ve just passed the big first trimester hurdle and we’re sitting at 13 weeks and 3 days today. We are super pumped and cannot wait to meet the little bugger! To answer all the questions:

– How I’m Feeling? – I had nausea for about 7 weeks solid but only drove the porcelain bus on a couple of occasions.
– I’m still extremely tired but besides that I’m feeling pretty good
– We aren’t going to find out what we’re having but have a surprise at delivery
– Piglet will be born in Europe and most likely Zurich since we are moving there over the next couple of months
– It’s doubtful we will be home before this time but hopefully before the end of the year we will be back for a while
– Finally, we lied to you all about the reason we didn’t come home at Christmas…it wasn’t Mark’s work…it was the piglet and I was told not to fly the long haul so early on…sorry but we had to do it.

So I’m going to leave the baby talk there but I am writing a weekly blog each week dedicated to it which dates back a few months if you have any desire to read it going forward or play catch up. You can see it at: and if you subscribe to my channel at YouTube you can see my weekly Vlog’s I’ve been doing there and subscribe if you like. Just type in Ali Hodges in the search and you will find it there. Here’s one more pic for the road which is from our 13 weeks scan.

13 Weeks

13 Weeks

All right now on to our Suburb Hunting adventure in Zurich. Mark and I left Munich in our little 2 door Audi (can I just say as big people how much 2 doors suck!) and hit the road for Zurich around 4pm on Friday afternoon. We thought we’d get down there in time for dinner at Oerlikon, the area which we were staying, and then that would give us the chance the have dinner in Zurich on Saturday night. Anyway, not all went according to plan when the GPS sent us on some back country road as we entered Austria… we assume because the highway was busy… and it was so narrow that it really should have been one way so we were almost colliding with oncoming vehicles and Mark had to swerve off the road a couple of times because some people believed they deserved the middle of the road on which to drive. One of the swerves resulted in a flat tyre. At this stage it was about 6pm and was pitch black because it’s Winter here, and was pouring rain so you can only imagine our joy and excitement with zero profanities being yelled when this happened. We got out of the car and unpacked the boot only to find no spare tyre in the space for it. Nice one car rental company you bloody morons.

We phoned the rental company and they in turn phoned Audi who in turn phoned a tow truck company and we waited 2 hours to come and get rescued. We were then driven to the nearest Porsche dealer…why, I don’t know…I think the tow truck driver worked there…but we sat in the car whilst the car was attached to the tow truck which felt safe! They tried to fix the tyre when we arrived which they discovered they couldn’t because it was split so we then had to organise for the car rental place to hook us up with another car at the airport branch about 25 kms away. A 60 Euro taxi ride later to the airport we were greeted at 930pm by an employee who hooked us up with a car and tried to blame us for the flat tyre and saying we couldn’t get reimbursed for the taxi fare because it was our fault. Of course polite, delicate me didn’t let that one slip by and I was quick to point the finger back on their stupid company but he didn’t budge so we will claim it some other way and I guarantee we will get reimbursed!

So by 10pm we were back on the road with a fun 4 hour detour and arrived at our hotel around 11:30pm with a McDonald’s stop for dinner…something healthy and nutritious. It is going to be the first and last time our little piglet gets fed McDonalds before it is born. Well that was our Friday…fun times!

We didn’t have a big sleep in on Saturday as we wanted to hit the road and drive around to a number of areas we had on our list of potential places to live. A couple were ok, a couple were horrific and some, although good, would be just a little inconvenient for Mark to travel to and from work each day. We went up to Schaffhausen which is this gorgeous little town and they had Carnivale going on there with a parade and confetti everywhere and people all dressed up. It was about 3pm when we got there and we hadn’t had lunch yet so we found an Italian restaurant and had a bit to eat there whilst getting robbed 80 CHF for a small entree each and a plate of pasta. Ah, let the good times roll. It’s going to take some getting used to after living in Munich, such a reasonable city for cost of living. After lunch we watched the parade and then went to the Waterfall in Neuhausen am Rheinfall and then checked out another area before heading back to the hotel for a nap.

Going out for dinner on Saturday night, which we did in Oerlikon instead of Zurich because we just couldn’t be arsed quite frankly, was an extremely depressing experience. The one recommended place, Rolli’s Steakhouse, was completely booked so we walked around to this other restaurant called Henne’s. We walked in to what looked like some God awful old Chinese restaurant and took a seat making it 3 tables full and were presented with a small selection of meals….mostly being Veal which I just did not feel like. Mark and I both got the steak which I was a little weary of but it had been a while since I had a proper slab of red meat and figured it might do me some good since I was so tired all the time and boost my iron levels a bit. Whilst waiting for our dinner Mark got to stare at a painting of this freaky looking clown and I was lucky enough to be blessed by a faded fake orchid which was pissing me off to no end. I had a mini meltdown…ok it was a medium sized one…about how depressing this city was and how shit it was going to be moving anywhere besides Zurich centre which would mean we would bleed money. Once the steak arrived I felt a little better as it was a really lovely tender piece of meat which I was pleasantly surprised by so my spirits were lifted ever so slightly…as long as I closed my eyes it was all good.

Sunday we were off again to see more areas but these closer to the centre with houses that looked as if they had been plucked from Woollahra and Bellevue Hill in Sydney and had magnificent views over Zurich and the mountains. The only downfall was they were quite a way up a hill without any real shops around so that would mean me in 6 months with a pram skidding down the hill and doing a full on butt workout to get home each time which woudn’t be the worst thing but I kind of like the idea of ducking out of the house real quick to get some milk and not having to get all dressed up for the occasion. We found another area right by a train station which would take Mark 20 minutes to get to work without changing over, that had shops nearby and was closer to sea level with the lake maybe a few minutes stroll away…so this is where we are going to focus our search on I think but if we can’t manage to get a place near Seefeld then we may have to work our way back to Oerlikon, where we stayed, and settle there which is only a 6 minute train ride in to the centre and it does have shops, albeit rather depressing ones, and a few restaurants but it would do the job.

So that is where we are at with the area hunting and now it’s time to jump on to the house/apartment hunting. So that’s this week and next week and possibly the week after’s delegated activities.  We obviously need a place with a couple of bedrooms at least and ideally it would have 3 for guests who want to come and stay or just for a games hall or gym we might use it for instead….but beggars can’t be choosers.

This week Mark starts on his new project in Kloten – just north of Zurich near the airport so fingers crossed he likes his role, his employees and the change. Me…well I’m still in Zurich and going back to Munich tonight so I have a short week really until Markie arrives back home. No big things happening, just a couple of catch ups and hopefully getting back in to my usual exercise routine with less afternoon naps required and well, that’s about it.

Hope you’re all enjoying the rain and looking at the positives….yep I can’t think of any either. Here’s hoping for some sunshine this week for you and us too.

Till next time…..xx

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