New Surroundings

12 Feb

Last week Mark had his first week of work at the new project in Switzerland, which is to become our place or residence and home, I suppose, soon. He had a pretty good week and it seems his colleagues are good and everyone speaks English and are happy to even though they can speak German so I think he sees himself a little happier there than he was at his first project when we arrived in Munich.

That being said when he arrived back in Munich and we spent the weekend here he was pretty upset to be leaving. It was much the same feeling I had when I got off the train last Monday night in Munich after spending the weekend there…this place is just nicer, cleaner, better equipped – but at the same time, for me, I’m ready for a change so I’m looking forward to moving and finding a new apartment and decking it out with our own furniture and having a car and then having our little bub there and starting our family. I’m ready for the move…we just need to find a good apartment in which to live!

So last week was a short one for me and a fairly quiet one although I did go out for a belated birthday dinner treat with my friend, Malin, on Tuesday night to a Vietnamese place. The booking we had was for 7pm but I was having a meltdown at home because I had no clothes to wear…not because  have no clothes, but because I no longer fit in the ones I have. I have one pair of pants I still can squeeze myself into but I’m wearing them to death. I have resisted the need to buy maternity clothes but I fear the time has come and have since given in and am awaiting arrival of my online order. So I was half an hour late to dinner – not like me at all as I hate being late. We were taking our time ordering but were being rushed by the waiter saying he needed the table at half past 9. Yeah, no sweat, chill out, that’s in 2 hours…we’ll be out. We had a lovely dinner and at 8:45pm they came again to push us out – we told them we’ve got 45 minutes and the people who obviously arrived early for their table could just wait. The then very confused and sorry waiter said he got his English and German time confused – you see in German you say half past 9 for really 8:30 or half past 4 for really 3:30 – it’s really a bit stupid but anyway the jist is they needed the table for 8:30 so we gobbled the rest of our meal down and called it a night, a short one, but a night.

The rest of the week was the usual and Mark got home mid afternoon on Thursday because he had to visit a warehouse in Lichtenstein in the morning for work and so just continued his drive home from there as it was stupid to turn around and drive back to Zurich only to turn around an hour later and come home so we got to spend quite a bit of time together this weekend.

Friday was a non event really – we went down the road and tried a new Asian restaurant and got a huge soup for lunch and then a friend of Mark’s who was also doing home office came over for a couple of hours. We just stayed in at night. Saturday we took the car (we have a car again…yay!) to do some furniture browsing and get an idea of costing for each item we will need in our new place – think absolutely everything.

I had been given a gift card for my 30th birthday from a couple of friends who specified to use it at the spa at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Munich. I was looking at their facilities and they have a spa, and a sauna and an outdoor pool which is only open from March to September, as well as a gym but there was no way I was able to spend the monetary value of the gift card I got in there especially since you can’t use a spa or sauna or anything too hot and bacteria filled when you’re pregnant so I wasn’t going to waste it on the gym since the pool was closed. I enquired about using it at their fine dining restaurant instead which they said was no problem so Mark and I went on Saturday night to their restaurant’s Mark’s…quite fitting really. We both got a three course meal and Mark with matching wines and mine with non alcoholic caipirinha’s which were absolutely delicious and going down a treat. The food was delicious and the service was est. style so we had a really enjoyable evening and I’m glad I got to put the voucher to use.

Sunday I was home alone while Mark went snowboarding with a friend so I used the opportunity to bake which I hadn’t done in a few weeks. The boys had requested caramel filled chocolate brownies and Mark, his grandmothers hit, a pineapple pie. I just love baking, I find it so relaxing…the washing up sucks but that’s ok because I enjoy the cooking and eating part so much more it doesn’t phase me too much. So home he came mid arvo after what was reported to be a great day on the slopes and we just hung out and watched some TV and stayed in.

All in all a good week, and Mark is now in Detroit for the week to arrive back in Munich some time on Saturday so it’s a loooong week for me.

Piglet is going well – it has been found that I have a mutated clotting gene which is not the best to have in pregnancy as it could cause a clot to or from the baby which puts us both in danger so I have now been blessed to have to self inject with Clexane every day until 6 weeks after the birth…that’s just shy of 7.5 months. Not happy Jan but I’m sure I’ll get used to it and it will just be like the rest of the stuff I take daily so as long as I’m not black and blue by the end of it from the bruising and I have a great healthy little baby then it is all worth it.

That’s it from us folks. Happy Valentine’s Day to all you gorgeous people!

Till next time…..xx

2 Responses to “New Surroundings”

  1. Mumma R February 14, 2013 at 4:07 am #

    Ali, Now you’re eating for two aren’t you tired of miniscule portions ? Head for the Pub…

    • Ali Hodges February 14, 2013 at 4:28 am #

      No mumma R. Only eating for one and a finger! Can’t think like that or ill be as big as a house

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