Countdown To The Move…We Think?!

25 Feb

I didn’t write last week because I didn’t have too much to say from the previous week so I’ll play catch up with this post. The week of Feb 11-16 Markie was in Detroit and from all reports it wasn’t as much of a one horse town as he expected it to be. He went out each night to a different restaurant and got to try some of the American goodness of hot wings (oh how I miss these) and ribs and he even went to Hooters one night with a couple of his male colleagues. I bet there wasn’t too much conversation as much as open mouths for that meal. Apparently Mark taught one of the guys about the ol’ Butter Face saying – for those that don’t know it means that everything on the girl is good But Her Face! Or as others would refer to it as a “prawn.” I digress. So the trip there was a long one with him being gone from Monday morning until midday on Saturday.

When Markie did get home he ate and then went to bed for about 4 hours so that was fun. We had arranged to have a couple of friends come over for dinner so I took care of the preparations and cooking and cleaning while he caught up on Z’s and then came out for the evening. It was a really nice night and I tried a new dessert of an Almond Joy (an American candy bar…kind of like a bounty but with almond through it as well) Cheesecake. It was bloody awesome and I’m glad we were heading out of town for the next week so I could give it all away to our guests to take home otherwise I might not be able to type this blog post today with my fat fingers covering multiple keys and all.

Sunday Markie and I just stayed home and didn’t do a whole lot except went out to dinner to our old trusty local fave down the road for potentially our last visit. So sad! We are going to miss going out and having 2 courses each and something to drink and spending about 50 euro tops. Ah…might as well get in as many meals out as possible while we’re still in Germany so we get sick of it and only want home cooked ones in Switzerland.

As for me that week… I just had a few catch ups with friends and then on Friday I went to a hotel day spa and got a facial, a massage and then hung around the pool which to be honest is pretty bloody boring when you’re by yourself and the pool in indoor so it’s not like you’re catching any rays. The massage was 30 minutes and I so could have done with 90 minutes but I chose to have the mum’s double special of a one hour facial as well as the 30 min massage. The facial was great. I think it’s been about 4 years since I last had one and it was so nice just getting my face all smushed and pampered. I lay by the pool for about 20 minutes and had a quick dip and then spotted the gym…who but me goes to the gym on their day of pampering. I know! I couldn’t help myself though so I went in and did an hour workout then had a shower and headed home in the early evening. It was a nice day, I really enjoyed it and want to thank a few friends who gave it to me as my 30th birthday present.

Monday last week I drove down to Zurich with Mark as we had a few apartments lined up to go and visit and I thought it would be a good idea to check out the area in which we were planning on living to see what I thought of it and if it would work. We saw three apartments and all of them were in the same complex but they just had different floor plans. We liked the first and second that we saw and probably the first one the best because it had a great big balcony and an open kitchen to lounge area but unfortunately the real estate agents had already received an application for it so we missed out. This is so shit…why do they let people have a look if the place is already gone. Not impressed but now we are waiting to hear back about our second choice so I’m thinking we should know tomorrow some time but I don’t believe they had had any other applications for that one yet so fingers crossed we’re in the clear there. It would be a move in date of March 15th and we have to be out of our Munich apartment by March 25th so it’s going to be an interesting 10 days. We seem to love moving in a hurry. Anyway, we have a plan of action so we should be all right.

We drove back Thursday night and then I had my 16 week ultrasound for Hanky/Piglet on Friday morning so we got to see the little one do a big of a jig and see it as 4d which was pretty cool. It’s amazing how clear it all is. Unfortunately Hanks (this is not it’s name…just the nickname for now) was only showing us his/her back and neck and the odd arm came up behind its head and then was bouncing around and jumping for a little bit but wouldn’t turn over so we couldn’t see it’s little face. Obviously doesn’t like the spotlight…we’ll see how long that lasts being an intended Leo.

Saturday we ventured out…shock, horror….and went to OBI which is like Bunnings and grabbed some stuff for the move and some other stuff to fix some damages that we’ve had to the place from only our two parties – the wall with a dent in it behind our front door which Mark had to plaster up and then a chunk of wood out of the floor where the stupid glass steps in our apartment damaged from when someone nearly killed themselves walking down them.

We are looking into buying a car for when we are living in Switzerland and have been looking at the Mercedes GLK 350 as well as some BMW’s but we thought we would drive to the local Merc dealer to check their cars out and see what the cost was. We discovered that we could literally walk out of there with an AMG SLK convertible that day and lease it over 36 months. How stupid is that. Obviously it is not the type of car we need but the fact that we could do it is pretty damn cool. I think I chose as my favourite the only car we wouldn’t have been able to do that with…it was like a magnet to me. So hot! Oh my God I want this car…AMG G65… sex on wheels… which was €300,000. The dealership was about 4 floors high and a block wide, just enormous and it was pretty cool going around looking at all the vehicles there. Even the second hand ones they had were in pristine condition and you’d never have guessed they were second hand. So we didn’t get one and I’m not sure we are going to get a Merc but it gave us an idea of our options.

Sunday was a stay at home day. I wasn’t feeling 100% but after cooking a batch of cookies and muffins I felt better and was done just in time for a nap. Markie went out for a boys night. I don’t know the last time the poor guy has done that. It seems to be work and home and me for him so Im glad he got to go and throw around some testosterone with the lads for a few hours.

This week is back to normal. We are obviously waiting to hear back from the agent to see if we got the apartment; Mark is in Switzerland; I am doing my usual thing…blogs, assignments, naps, cooking, exercise, paying bills, sending mail, washing, drying, catching up with friends…you know the good stuff. I also found out I can apply for my Czech passport here in Munich at the consulate and don’t need to travel to Prague so I’ll go and do that one day as well. I have already my citizenship certificate which is only valid for a year, my marriage and birth certificates so now just need the passport and the fact my citizenship certificate will expire in December will no longer matter. Then I’ve got it and we can pass it on to Hanks once he/she is born so it’s got a EU passport.

So that’s this week. I don’t have too many photos and none really of Mark and I but hey, you know what we look like…and I’m just getting fatter so I’m not complaining.

Enjoy your last few days of February and Summer…although March really is the best month in Aus anyway so enjoy it.

Till next time…..xx

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