Short & Sweet

5 Mar

I won’t keep you all long this week as there’s not a great deal to report. The biggest thing is that we received news last week that we got the apartment so we take over the keys on March 15th and then it’s all ours. We are going to do a few trips of stuff so we will start packing this weekend and Mark will take a car load down with him next week and we’ll try and get the keys to the downstairs storage unit so we can whack some things in there whilst we wait to take over the apartment. On the 15th Mark will drive back from Switzerland and we’ll pack everything up and probably have some dinner before heading down again and spending our first night in the unfurnished apartment before using that weekend to do some serious furniture shopping. Since no shops are open on Sundays around these parts it is going to be an entire day experience I’m guessing from the minute the shops open to the minute they shut. We will need to bring a few things back with us such as kitchen utensils etc and then I will stay down there the next week and hopefully accept deliveries so we can get the place as set up as possible. We have the following weekend in which to buy more as well as the evenings on the weekdays so we’re crossing our fingers that we’ll have it all sorted pretty quickly. I hope it’s not just wishful thinking but we shall see.

We will come back to Munich the following Sunday the 24th March and have our farewell dinner at the Hofbrauhaus (where else?!) and have one final night in our Munich apartment. I have my 21 week Anomaly Scan for Hanky on the 25th March so once that is finished we will get the last of our things and do the final drive to Winterthur to our new place where it will be home from that moment on. We’ll get to spend only 6 days there before we fly to New York!!! Our flights are booked and we are ready to rock and roll…flying out on March 31st and then I will arrive back on April 9th whilst Mark stays and works in PA for the week. I tried to coordinate seeing old friends but it didn’t work out and there is nothing in the town where Mark has to work so we thought it best that I just fly back and get more acquainted with our new place and settled in.

We’ve found a home for little Rocco for 3 weeks with our gorgeous friend Silvia and her family, whom all adore the little guy, so he will be well looked after during the final move until Mark returns from the U.S. When we were down in Switzerland for the week 2 weeks ago he also stayed with them. He was returned to us on the Friday and was super excited for about 5 minutes before he went and sat by the front door ready to leave us again and ignored us the rest of the day….little shit. He came around the next day but I was distraught that he didn’t love me anymore. There was many a food bribe that day to buy his love that’s for sure. That was only for 4 days…what the hell is going to happen when we leave him for 3 weeks? I don’t even want to think about it.

Anyway so we have the next 4-5 weeks of our life mapped out now and then we should start getting visitors shortly after the middle of April which I am super psyched about…especially since the first one is my sister whom I won’t have seen for a year and a half then. Ahhh so awesome!!!

So this past week I had some catch ups (including a trip to a bizarre looking boutique cinema) but I mostly used the time to walk through the different parts of Munich which I usually do and get some snaps as a last momento and kind of farewell since it’s going to get a bit hectic in the next couple of weeks. The photos that I’ve posted are from the usual stands I go to or where I normally walk to get different bits and pieces and take the dog etc. One of the days it was it’s usual cloudy self..standard here…and then yesterday the sun was out in full force and the blue sky was so uplifting. I can’t tell you what a difference a bit of sun makes to my outlook on life.

Well I’ll leave it there since I’ve not got much else to say. Have a great week!

Till next time…..xx

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