Packing, Shopping and More Packing

11 Mar


So last week marked our second last week in Munich which flew by and I got to have some catch ups and enjoy the 5 consecutive days of sun which were absolute bliss! Munich was turning it on to try and make us feel bad about leaving. If it had lasted perhaps longer than 5 days then maybe it’s plan might have worked but it was back to rain and grey cloud over the weekend and today.

Markie had a hugely busy week at work and last week was in Lichtenstein. He was working until about 10pm or later every night so it didn’t leave him much time to do anything else. He was back at the same office again this week before returning to the original site next week again when we spend our first week in the apartment…the empty apartment which hopefully will have a bit of stuff in it after we shop til’ we drop this coming weekend.

Mark had some colleagues stay in Munich this weekend so we went out for breakfast with them on Saturday morning. Being pregnant it only takes a sip of water to get me to need to go to the bathroom so as soon as we arrived at the restaurant that’s where I was headed. I tend not to bring bags with me and rather put cash, keys and phones in my pants and jacket pockets as bags seem such a pain in the arse. Well I kind of wish I brought a bag on Saturday because as I was about to do my biz my phone fell out of my back jean pocket and into the toilet. I’m thankful that the cleaning lady had just finished in my cubicle as reaching in to get it wouldn’t have been as pleasant otherwise I don’t think – not that it was pleasant in the slightest and I was dry retching the entire time but I might have actually thrown up if I knew it hadn’t been cleaned.

Besides that breakfast was good and when we were done I put my phone into a bowl of dry rice as I heard from 3 different people that was the trick except it hasn’t worked so I am phoneless 😦 Actually today it felt kind of nice just walking around without it and not checking it every 5 minutes for facebook or an email or to add something to my to-do list….yes I have a daily to do list even though I don’t work and each task is scheduled to a time as well. Good, we agree, I’m a little nuts.

Anywho…so the rest of Saturday we spent in furniture places having a look at their couches, beds, entertainment units, dining tables and chairs, wardrobes, office desk and chairs etc etc etc but we didn’t want to buy those things because we will do so next week closer to the border of Germany and Switzerland so we can get the tax back and so shipping won’t be as costly. We just wanted to see what was out there and we did buy a kitchen full of stuff…plates, glasses, baking tins…pretty much everything except appliances as we remembered that the power point would be different so we best wait until we get to Switzerland for those things. We were in Ikea for 3 hours and I was sitting down on just about every seat, bed, desk, table possible to rest along the way.

I think we accomplished what we wanted to and then Mark had the night out with his colleagues and went to the Hofbrauhaus with them for dinner. Markie told me he’d be gone a couple of hours but I knew better so made sure I wasn’t waiting around for him to get home as he ended up being about 5 and when he got home he was in pretty bad shape. He always seems to manage to get in the shower no matter what state he is in and then he passed out on top of the bed covers spooning the dog. Needless to say Sunday morning he wasn’t feeling awesome.

But there was work to be done as we had one day to get the majority of the packing done from our apartment as we wouldn’t be hanging around any more full days really, except for one, to pack so I gave him a kick up the bum and we got on with it. We did really well and there are only a few things that are left to pack which is what I will be doing this week but all in all I’m pretty proud of our efforts this weekend.

Mark headed down to work with a car load of boxes and bags this morning as we will get the keys to our apartment on Thursday so he will move that stuff in before coming back on Friday to get me and another car load. I’m not positive we are going to do it in three trips like we were hoping but if we need to we should be able to fit in another before we are to be kicked out of this apartment in Munich.

This week for me is just cleaning and packing and tomorrow I have two people coming through to inspect this place at different times which is really convenient but since this will be the last week they can come through as we’re not here next week I just have to suck it up. I’ve got a dinner and movie date on Thursday and some final medical appointments I’m squeezing in and that will be it for me for Munich. Can’t believe our 6 month-turned-18 month stint here is coming to an end but I’m ready to move on and thank this city for being quite incredible. If you ever think about visiting Munich in your travels you should definitely do it!

Since my phone is gone I don’t have any photos this week for you so I am sorry but I will try and use my camera for the next one so I’ve got some things to show you.

Have a great week.


Till next time…..xx

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