In Der Schweiz

26 Mar

I apologise for being out of touch for a couple of weeks but it’s been a little crazy with all the moving, and then not having internet for a few days etc etc but we’re back and hopefully soon I can get back on the right blog schedule.

My last full week in Munich was a bit of a crazy one with all the packing and last minute individual catch ups with friends and appointments. Not having a phone made things a little difficult…but the phone is back. Yep – the toilet one! I just charged it and it worked again so I was pretty excited about not losing all my photos, contacts, notes, calendar entries…u get the picture.

Markie came and got me 2 Fridays ago and then we packed the car and drove back down to our new apartment and unpacked the car and set up our mattress on the floor. We had not yet done any furniture shopping so this was an interesting experience with this big space and nothing but packed boxes and bags of our belongings. Saturday we went over the border to Germany to some furniture shops but were not enlightened in the slightest so it was back to Ikea in Dietlikon (a town in Switzerland) where we made most of our purchases. Since neither of us had a Swiss mobile number and we couldn’t get data on our German phones in another country it made it a little impossible to transfer some money from our savings account which we could use to pay for the furniture we bought so we walked out of Ikea after 6 hours with literally 2 laundry baskets for dirty clothes, towels, and toilet brushes. We had enough cash on us to quickly run and get a toaster and kettle before the shops closed at 9pm.

Needless to say we felt a little deflated that night. Even though we wouldn’t have received the furniture for a couple of days even if we had bought it, it just felt like we really hadn’t accomplished anything. Since we had no furniture to put together and really nothing to do on Sunday we decided to drive back up to Munich to connect to the internet, stop in at our apartment and pick up another car load of boxes and bags to bring down. We got home quite late and just dropped everything and hit the hay.

Markie was going to go in half day in the afternoon last Monday so we could get to Ikea and make those purchases we didn’t on Saturday. We were in the shop from about 9:30am until 2pm…so it was not a quick little exercise. He decided to just throw in the towel and we then drove 40km to an electronics shop (forgetting we had a big one just down the road from our new apartment) to buy a phone, hair dryer, microwave, and some other odds and ends. Their selection was limited and since we’ve remembered about this other place we have kicked ourselves but can’t change what’s been done and what time has been wasted. We were lucky in that the guy we bought our furniture off from Ikea on Monday pulled a shifty and got our stuff delivered that night when it should be 48 hours so we were sitting on the floor on Monday night screwing, bolting, hammering our new furniture so we could get up and running. The first piece finished was our new dining table and chairs which are pretty snazzy I have to say.

The rest of the week Mark was at work during the day whilst I investigated the area and found different service people we would need, while hooking up the internet, buying tools, groceries, sourcing gyms and pools, and all that good stuff. The evenings we spent building and we finished the week with an enormous bed, a couch, a study chair, a filing cabinet, a single lounge chair, part of our wardrobe, and half an entertainment unit. Still to be done…finish the entertainment unit, the wardrobe and get the study desk up. Then it’s buying furniture for the spare room, the nursery and decorating…oh yeah plus light fittings which we’re really struggling on at the moment.

This past weekend we drove up to Munich again on Saturday morning and after quickly scoffing some lunch headed to another furniture shop to look at coffee tables and lights. Well after 2.5 hours we walked out with nothing…yet another unsuccessful trip. We just headed to our local favourite restaurant for dinner before having an early night. Sunday was cleaning day as we were officially handing the keys over the following day. So it was oven, stove, microwave, fridge cleaning as well as mopping, vacuuming, floor polishing, bathroom scrubbing, garbage throwing and doing as much as we could before we had our farewell dinner at the Augustiner Braustuben (big beer hall) with a few friends and beer guzzles. Being the last supper in Munich I had to have the Schweinshaxe (Crispy Pork Knuckle) and it was probably the best one I’d had in Germany yet so I was extremely satisfied and so was little Hanky as I got a few kicks in the guts after I was done.

We got home at a reasonable hour and even though Mark was quite trolleyed he still managed to finish cleaning out the oven before we called it a night and went to bed to spend our last night in our Munich apartment of 18 months. Shame we both had such a shit sleep.

Yesterday we were up early to finish the cleaning and then we went to our Anomaly Scan for the little one which went fantastically. All organs are operating as they should, it has the right number of extremities and a symmetrical face with nose, eyes and mouth and it’s measuring right on track and weighs 370g. Once we were done with the appointment it was back home to pack the car, grab some lunch and then hit the road and wave goodbye to Munich and Germany for now.

We got in about 6pm last night and went to the electronics store down the road from our place and got a new sound system and vacuum cleaner then had dinner and got a bit more furniture together.

So now we are officially in Winterthur and completely moved in….not unpacked…but everything we own is here. Oh, except Rocco who is staying with a friend for a few weeks as we are off to New York this weekend for 10 days for a little babymoon. Can’t wait!!!

Not sure I will write next week as we’ll be away but I’m sure the post the following week will kick some arse.

Till next time…..xx

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