First Visitors To Our New Home :)

30 Apr

I am happy to say that our place is almost finished. We have the spare bedroom up and running now and the only room left to do is Hanky’s nursery (which we won’t start for another month) and then some knick knacks to add to the place and make it a little more “homely” but otherwise we’re done and it’s a relief to have a few weeks off decorating and furniture shopping whilst we’ve got my sister and brother-in-law visiting!

Last weekend we had to drive up to Munich to go and collect our Swiss visas and also collect my Czech passport which was finally ready- that puts an end to 2 years in the making and what a relief that is! It was nice to visit our old home town again and it brought a little bit of sadness because it is such a cool city and has what you need and is clean and has a great vibe to it. Don’t get me wrong, we love our new apartment but the city/town we live in doesn’t quite compare. That being said I have all I need just a walk away and it suits me just fine since I spend most of my time inside at home anyway so I’d rather have a better apartment.

So Markie got a long weekend and the rest of the week was the usual routine with some beautiful weather thrown into the mix. I now take my afternoon naps on the balcony in the sun which is absolute bliss! Markie was able to get a couple of bike rides in as well and has started up his riding again which he’s hurting a bit whilst doing but thoroughly enjoying the scenery and getting back to the fitness level he was at a year ago just before his insane conquest of the French Pyrenees.

We even bought a BBQ last weekend which we’ve spoken about getting for 5.5 years since we moved in together and so finally bit the bullet since we’ve been on a spending spree. We cooked up some chicken drumsticks on it on Friday night that were so delicious. I’m excited now that we will be able to use it all the time and it makes cooking so much easier not to mention the cleaning.

Our guests of honour rolled in on Saturday afternoon after having spent a few days in Amsterdam and it has been wonderful to see my family members again after almost a year and a half and to have some friends to play with. We’re only on day 3 now which has not really begun yet so we haven’t done too much and everything on Sundays is closed here so we did some grocery shopping and mobile phone prepaid set-up on Saturday and then yesterday just hung out inside for most of the day. Markie went for a 3 hour bike ride and the rest of us took Rocco out for a walk in the afternoon and then we fired up the Barbie again for dinner.

I’m not really sure what’s on this week or what Tors and Michael might want to see or do so at the moment we’ve got no real plans. I’ve got to take a trip in to Zurich tomorrow for an appointment so maybe we might hang around there for a while…or maybe not. It’s very unlike me not to have an itinerary planned but being new to this town, canton and country myself I don’t really know what there is to do that could be of interest.

So that’s about it from us for now and I just wanted to give you a short update as to what was happening in our neck of the woods. I hope you all enjoyed your Anzac Day holiday and hopefully long weekend.


Till next time…..xx

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