Family Reunion

13 May

I’ve been a bit preoccupied the last couple of weeks because we have some company here with us. My sister and brother-in-law have been here for just over two weeks now and honestly, I don’t know where the time has gone as it seems like only yesterday they arrived. It’s been so lovely having them and spending time with them. There’s been lots of cooking with my sister and I’ve been entirely spoilt with having them do the house work. I don’t know if I will remember how to do it after they leave. The only negative is that the weather has been bloody awful since they arrived. I feel so bad for them because we had some glorious days in the weeks leading up to their arrival and they’ve been living in hot, sunny Asia for the past year and a bit so it’s quite a shock. We’ve got 8 more days together so it’s slowly coming to an end and I’ll be sad to see them leave.

I’ve had a few appointments for Hanky whilst my sister has been here and she, enthusiastically, has been coming to them with me. We saw the little one in an ultrasound today which was cool before I had to get tested for gestational diabetes which entailed drinking this absolutely foul concoction of, all I can imagine would have been, sugar and water. It was disgusting! I’ll get the results for that tomorrow so fingers crossed I pass and don’t need to make any dietary adjustments or have to take insulin injections.

We’ve had two little day trips since they’ve been here…the first was to Neuhausen am Rheinfall, a waterfall about 30 minutes from our place, and then this past weekend we went in to Zurich with full intention of getting on an old trolley tour but it was sold out so we just walked around and had a look around as Michael nor Markie had had a proper look around before. Unfortunately it started raining and we found cover in a church for 10-15 minutes but realised we couldn’t hide in there all day so we bit the bullet and went and got a bite to eat timing the walk perfectly as the rain came to a halt.

Tors and Michael went for a hike one day…they’re pretty avid hikers after doing a 20 odd day trek in Nepal last year and since we’ve got a fair few mountains around they took advantage of heading over to one and doing a 4.5 hour hike which also didn’t end up being a highlight for them as when they reached the peak and highest point of their climb it was completely overcast and they could barely see anything. Michael is a real photography enthusiast and he lugged all of his gear on the hike only to barely get an opportunity to take any pictures. He did get one of a cow with enormous udders that was really quite impressive but none of the surrounds.

The boys have had fun hanging out together and playing backgammon. Markie having a relatively new hobby of toy helicopter flying persuaded Michael, although it didn’t take much, to buy one as well so they’ve been flying the noisy things around the apartment and also going downstairs to the garage and flying them a couple of times a day (on the weekends) down there as well. It’s nice for Markie to be able to have a bit of boys time as it’s been a long while since he’s been able to do that.

It’s my sisters birthday this Sunday which I’m so happy to be able to spend with her. As a bit of a present we’re going to the Beyonce concert in Zurich…just us girls, while the boys…Oh I don’t know…fly their helicopters probably. As long as they torment the dog too much it’s fine. Speaking of the dog, he has been loving having 4 people he can scab food off and just seems to rotate around the table until he’s scored off everyone as one point in the evening.

There have been a few public holidays thrown in the past couple of weeks but Markie hasn’t taken them off as there’s lots of work to be done. We should be going to Paris for the French Open tennis at the end of this month thanks to my friend Amber for sorting out some tickets for us…so if that all comes off that will be totally wicked and he will use his time in lieu for that.

Besides our trip at the end of the month we don’t have any other getaways planned for the moment but we will see what happens. I love the idea of a long weekend in the South of France but realistically as a beached whale at the moment and sensitive skin, lying in the sun isn’t something I can do for any longer than an hour at a time these days so not sure if that will happen but we’ll keep it in our sights.

I’ll leave it there and be back with you all next week to wrap up the last week with our much loved guests.

Till next time….xx

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