All By Myself….Again

27 May

So unfortunately all good things must come to an end and our guests of 3 weeks departed very sadly last Tuesday afternoon. It was great to spend such a good chunk of uninterrupted time with my sister as I cannot remember the last time we did that…it’s got to be at least 12 years. Way too long between coffees!

During the last week and a half of their stay (since my last post) we went for a day trip to Lugano on the train which is in the Italian part of Switzerland. If you’ve not been you should go. It is adorable. There’s the big lake there and the little cobblestone village with lots of big brand shops, restaurants and delicious ice cream. I felt like I was in a different world amongst the Italians I have to say…much more pleasant and laid back than the German part. Markie was working when we went so I will have to take him there as I think he will love it but we’ll probably go for a weekend as it’s a lot of travel time for one day.

On Friday the 17th was the long awaited Beyonce concert which Tors and I went to and boogied the night away. She was absolutely fantastic and the way she interacted with the crowd was lovely…she walked through the middle of them to get from the main stage to the stage at the back where she performed and few songs. Whilst walking through everyone she grabbed phones off fans and took selfies with them and shook everyone’s hand and was just really, I won’t say normal but not full of herself I guess. It took a little while for me to get into the concert as the bass was so extreme that it was vibrating through my seat and up through all of my body that I had a little freak out that Hanky might not be a happy camper in there but once I felt kicks and moves I relaxed a little and got right in the spirit.

Saturday we had beautiful dress weather…bliss! We took advantage of it and drove to Konstanz which is right over the Swiss border in Germany. It’s a really cute town which has a beautiful big lake and nice garden areas to sit and have a picnic and is just really picturesque. We spent a few hours there checking it out and wishing we were living there instead of where we are (our apartment rocks but the place is a bit quiet) and then did the grocery shopping as it’s much cheaper to do it in Germany than it is in Switzerland.

On May 19th was my sister’s birthday and we had brunch booked at the Park Hotel near us so we all headed down (for another cold and rainy day which was the norm during their stay) and got stuck in to the all you can eat buffet. They had a breakfast table, then loads of warm lunchy meals and cold cuts as well as a cook making eggs to order. The best part though was when they brought out all the desserts. We turned in to little piggies and got one of all the 20 off desserts they put out on offer to try and demolish. I got a sparkler to put in Tori’s dessert as she got back to the table and we made sure we sang Hapyp Birthday aloud to embarrass her a little. Most of the other people dining joined in so that was lots of fun.

When we got back to our place in the early afternoon Tori and Michael did the sensible thing and went for a long walk to shake off the gluttony from the mornings indulgence whilst I got started on making her birthday cake. My sister and brother-in-law live on the paleo diet so we did as well while they were here and the cake I made also stuck to the diet. You would never know there was no sugar or gluten in the raw chocolate cake I made. This thing was out of control. The base was made with hazelnuts and cocoa with a bit of maple syrup, then the “cheesecake” level was avocado, hazelnut butter (which I had to make as the shops had shut), almond milk, coconut butter and a few other bit and pieces with the chocolate ganache on top being cocoa and maple syrup again plus a bit more coconut butter…AH-MAZ-ING!!! One of the best cakes I’ve ever had and it was no bake…just whacked in the freezer.

Last Monday was another public holiday (May rocks over here!) so we took the opportunity of the sun shining to head to Pilatus mountain where Tors and Michael could have done a hike and reached a great peak whilst Markie and I checked out the surrounding towns since I can’t go to the altitude this was at. When we got down there it started raining and was overcast and miserable so that plan just got thrown in the garbage and since it was a public holiday there was nothing open to see in the town so we just turned the car back around and came home…that was a fun 3 or so hours in the car.

That marked the end of their stay and now the place is back to being quiet and there still hasn’t (well not until this very second) been an improvement in the weather. This supposed Summer that we are 5 days away from is doing a pretty shite job just quietly. Hopefully it picks up and soon.

After they left it was just a usual week for me without a great deal happening to be honest. Markie got to work from home on Friday after he stayed at work until about 10pm on Thursday night but I barely saw him as he was in the office all day but still it’s nice to have a presence in the place. Saturday was baby shopping day and we headed the Germany and looked at a few shops and ended up leaving with a combi pram/stroller and a car seat and base. I also ordered online, and had delivered, a bunch of other stuff so we are on our way now and it feels more real that baby Hanky Hoggie will be joining us soon and that we’ll be ready for it.

Now that I’m back on my lonesome I’m turning my focus to my assignments which have been on told too many months and also trying to knock some things off my 2013 cooking list whilst I’ve still got a chance. Last week I made Licorice Ice Cream which I’ve been wanting to do for a while and it is the best one that I’ve made yet. Not sure which little tweak worked but it was super creamy and didn’t freeze rock solid like a few of the past ones have so I need to just make all the tweaks again for the next batch – Salted Caramel this week. I’ve also got down on my list Macarons so I’m going to attack that as well later on in the week and make some Earl Grey Salted Caramel ones….yep it’s salted caramel week it seems. Hopefully they turn out as I’m a little hesitant but what’s the worst that can happen…some pretty tasty smushed meringue and creamy filling goodness. I’m sure I’ll manage to eat them regardless.

So that’s it for another 2 weeks. Enjoy the last week of Autumn for all you Aussies folks and I will be happy to wish this horrible Spring a good riddance and welcome Summer with outstretched open arms.

Till next time…..xx

2 Responses to “All By Myself….Again”

  1. Keeping Up With The Holsbys May 27, 2013 at 11:30 am #

    I love liquorice ice cream!!!

    • Ali Hodges May 27, 2013 at 1:53 pm #

      Yeah me too. Mark is not a fan of licorice/liquorice but he’s digging the ice cream so I count that as a win!

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