We Have Company Again!!!!

11 Jun

Since my last post I’ve been on my own and now back with another guest to keep us company. Timie is back! Yep …it’s been a year and 3 months-ish since we last had him come and visit and he’s back. I hadn’t mentioned it as something that we were looking forward to in the blog because the ticket was literally booked one week before he arrived so it was all pretty last minute but the good thing about that was that we didn’t have to wait in anticipation for long. The good times were upon us nice and fast.

In the week leading up to his arrival Markie was pretty sick and spent a couple of days working from home because of it and other than that we didn’t really do a whole lot. Basically got more of Hanky’s stuff bought and delivered and that was as much excitement as was had. The weather was horrible and it rained for about 2 weeks straight and due to my seasonal depression I was really not in such a pleasant mood. That has now been rectified since we’ve had a few sensational days in a row…a few rubbish ones now too but as long as there is a mix I am ok with it.

So Timie flew in last Thursday night and Markie and I went to greet him at the airport before coming home and having a bit of a chat before we all could no longer keep our eyes open and it was time for bed. Mark was sick again last week as he hasn’t really given himself the best chance at shaking whatever the hell it is that he has and keeps going to work before he is completely better so he stayed at home to work on Friday as well and we all got to hang out and spend some time catching up.

Markie has so desperately wanted a cycling partner since we arrived in Switzerland so he wasted no time fitting Timie on to my bike and hooking him up with some shoes and cleats and the boys took off for a 66km ride on Saturday morning in temperatures of high 20’s…which for here and what we are now accustomed to is pretty bloody hot. They were gone for about 4 hours so I decided to do a bit of exercise as well and then bake myself in the sun on the balcony for an hour or so while I waited for them to return.

After a shower and some refueling for the boys we all jumped in the car and drove to Konstanz…a German town just across the border about 30 minutes away (where we went with my sister and bro-in-law when they were here). We found a nice restaurant and sat in the sun for a lazy late lunch and then walked around the town, stopping for more beers and of course an ice cream before we did the grocery shopping and then headed back home. I’m not sure why I was exhausted as I had really not done so much that day but we decided to order pizza for dinner for the first time since moving to our new home. It was pretty yummy I have to say.

Sunday was a laaaaazy day…well for Markie and I. Timie went for a run whilst I made a loaf of bread and the custard for some chocolate ice cream just to balance it out. Markie felt the effects from the previous days bike ride on his never-ending cold and flu symptoms and was sick as a dog so he spent the day on the couch watching tv. We also had a bet going on the French Open Mens Singles final and Timie made it official and won some cash back. We just stayed at home in the evening and caught up on some more tv series that we follow.

Markie was back at work on Monday even though he probably shouldn’t have been and Tim and I had a day or exercise, TV and computer messing around. We don’t really have too many plans for this week but on the weekend we are going to drive to Lugano – a city in the Italian part of Switzerland – and spend the weekend there. I went there with my sister when she was over here visiting but just for the day or a few hours really. It’s so so pretty and around a lake so hopefully the weather will be nice and we can enjoy the sun and the hotel pool or if we can swim in the lake, then that too.

Timie is here for another couple of weeks which is bliss and Markie is one very happy little vegemite having his playmate here. Since we really haven’t had a chance to meet any people here, we don’t have any friends which is pretty tough so having people we’re so close to coming to stay for a few weeks is fantastic.

Not much other news to tell really. I guess we’re still waiting for Summer to settle in completely and we’ll just spend the next couple of weekends travelling around a bit and seeing some sites whilst we’ve got the chance and the company.

That’s it for this week kids. Hope you enjoyed your long weekend!

Till next time…..xx

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