Lago Di Lugano

17 Jun

What a fantastic weekend away! Just what the doctor ordered. The three musketeers and their dog headed to Lugano for a short weekend which felt deceptively long and it was divine. Lugano is a city in the south of Switzerland and in the Italian speaking canton of Ticino, which borders Italy. The city lies on Lake Lugano and is surrounded by some pretty spectacular mountains.

We began our drive down on Saturday morning around 9am but due to traffic and us taking detours because of it, we arrived at 1pm which was just an hour over the time we thought we’d arrive but it was a very beautiful and scenic drive. We went over a mountain pass instead of through a 15km tunnel due to totally backed up traffic and reached some heavily snow covered mountains which was pretty cool. We even saw some people getting their skis out of the car to give the hard cement looking snow a whirl.

When we arrived we found our hotel and dropped our bags off quickly before heading down into town to grab some lunch…a nice big bowl of spaghetti. The weather was spectacular so we stayed out and wandered around checking out some parks, shops and the town square. None of us could resist some Italian ice cream to cool us down on the way as well. We got back to the hotel in the late afternoon and took advantage of the pool and went for a quick swim and then a nap to re-energise before it was time to go for dinner.

We found a restaurant which is rated number one on Trip Advisor and were sadly underwhelmed for the price of the meal but it was nice to all be out together and we couldn’t have asked for better entertainment by the way of a singing contest that was being run across the road. I think perhaps only chipmunks and hyenas were allowed to enter as it was really quite special. Nevertheless after finishing dinner we went across the road to see a couple of performances and then felt sorry for our ears and went for another bit of a walk to the town square where we found a little outdoor bar and the guys shared another beer while I tried to deflect some serious second hand smoke. Before going back to the hotel we located another gelateria (of course) to finish off the evening with a bang.

On Sunday morning we leisurely woke up and strolled downstairs for breakfast and then went and lay by the pool in the sun for a couple of hours and had a few dips to cool off. Rocco was testing his brakes as he kept jumping up on to the high ledge around the pool and was a little bit too enthusiastic on his final attempt and went flying into the pool for a quick cool-off himself.

It was time to then get out of the hotel and head into town to go for a bit of a sight-see on the ferry. The day was a scorcher and whilst we spent the first half of the ride on the top deck in the sun it just got a little bit too uncomforatble so we moved inside downstairs. One of the stops we came to had this cute looking little restaurant in a garden overlooking the lake so we got off and went in to have some lunch. What a location and the food was fantastic as well! We didn’t seem to get the ferry timings correct and we had to find another way to get back to our hotel in time for our late 5pm checkout we had organised. Luckily the driver of the Party Boat was at the restaurant and we were able to get him to give us a quick 8.5 minute ride back over towards our hotel for a meagre 40 francs.

Sadly that’s pretty much where our trip ended in Lugano and we went and packed up all our belongings and got in the car to head back home only to get stuck in dead stopped traffic once again. We decided a detour was necessary to get some dinner and hopefully wait for it all to clear for the remainder of the drive. I can’t remember the town we stopped in to grab a bite but it was also on a Lake and was quite picturesque. The plan worked for the most part and we made it home just over another hour from that spot.

Even though we were away for less than 30 hours (if you exlcude the traffic) I think we all felt pretty relaxed and refreshed from the couple of days we were in Lugano. Having the sunshine and being in a bit of a holiday destination really helped. Markie, it seems, finally was able to shake his cold he’s had for the past 3 weeks so we’re hoping it stays away now that he had to go back to work this morning.

Markie and I had an appointment this morning to check how our little piglet is progressing and it seems all is well and Hanky is growing nicely. We’re in the 33rd week now so only 7 more (give or take a couple) until we meet the newest member of the Hoggie clan. It’s getting close and it’s getting pretty exciting.

This week we are forecast for 34 degree days back to back and it should cool off a little bit on the weekend. We are planning on heading up to Munich and spending a couple of days in our old stomping ground before we sadly lose our visitor.

Hope the Winter isn’t treating you too badly for the time being…and then I hope it gets to -14 so you experience what we do 8 months of the year. Just kidding!


Till next time…..xx


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