Another Guest Gone

25 Jun

This past week went by pretty quickly despite the long week days of 36-ish degrees back to back and me in my heavily pregnant state finding any possible way to cool myself down. Thank goodness Markie invested in a couple of fans last Monday because I possibly may have died. I didn’t even need to be active and sweat would drip down my face. I normally love the heat and welcome it with open arms and I’m not sure why it was any different this past week…whether it be because I’m so used to bloody freezing temperatures now or because I weigh almost an extra 10kg or purely just because I am pregnant and my internal thermometer has shit itself but whatever the case, I found myself struggling.

So the working week was pretty standard and the same as the previous one with Markie at the office all week and Timie and I occupying ourselves at home or with exercise of some sort and then having Markie join us for dinner when we all got to sit around and chat and watch tv. On Friday Tim and I drove out with Mark to his work with full intention of doing some sight-seeing around Liechtenstein. We got as far as driving up Malbun to the little village and having a look at the scenery, of which there was not much, and the view. There is also a castle we thought to see but after we got distracted by a cafe on a mountain for about 2 hours we drove past it and couldn’t find the street to get up to where it was so we continued on our merry way to a cute little town called Feldkirch for some lunch. By the time we got done there it was time to go and collect Mark from work so we could start our road trip to Munich where we were spending the weekend.

The drive was meh and my sleep only saw me through about an hour of the way unfortunately. I like it when I am knocked out and wake up with only 15 minutes left but I probably had a good hour or so remaining. We thought we’d head up to Munich to visit our friends and our old home town and just get away for a few days for Timie’s last weekend with us. Not all our friends were in town or were able to catch up with us whilst we were there unfortunately but on the flip side we got to stay in the apartment of some friends who were out of town so we had accommodation sorted which was absolutely brilliant. Thanks Bron and Tunz…much appreciated!

We arrived around 5pm on Friday and unpacked the car and headed straight for the Augustiner Beer Garden where Tim and Markie smashed 2 litres of beer each within an hour and 15 minutes roughly and we had one of our friends come and meet us there as well. Full of liquid and a little tipsy, the boys and I (not tipsy, sober as) went back to where we were staying to get changed and ready for dinner at the Austernkeller (Oyster restaurant) which Mark and I loved the last time we went there in November. Mark was reminiscing about their Lobster Bisque and told Timie he had to get it because it was like
“Angels Dancing On Your Tongue” so they both ordered it for their entree. Turned out the angels were only out getting ready for Christmas time and had since crawled back to the pearly white gates for a siesta. They said the soup was good but disappointingly it wasn’t as Mark had remembered. The mains were really nice too but all up the meal wasn’t as fantastic as we last remembered and we were probably one of only 5 tables occupied that night so the ambience was a little…flat. After the boys downed a heavy duty Martini and a bottle of wine (following their only recently consumed 2 litres of beer) they were pretty slur-ry and pissed as we left the wrapped up dinner. On the hunt for a bar and more to drink was not something I was pumped for and thankfully Timie hailed a cab before we stumbled upon a bar and we headed home and called it a night.

The weather forecast wasn’t great and it turned out to be true to it’s word. Saturday it was overcast for the entire day which ruled out a swim down at Lake Starnberg and instead we started the day off very lazily and had brunch at a cafe in town in Marienplatz. Once we got done there we made the call to go and finally check out the Residenz museum which Markie and I had been wanting to do the entire time we lived there but were too lazy or kept coming up with other things to do instead. That was quite cool and took about an hour and a half. The only downside is that most of it was ruined in the war so the majority had been rebuilt of replicated etc etc so it just seemed all a bit fake and disappointing but it was cool to see nevertheless.

Time for some more eating, we went to the Victoria Tea House near Viktualienmarkt and gobbled down some Zucchini and Walnut cake, and Scones with clotted cream and jam (yum!) and had a tea to tie us over until dinner time. We went home and had a bit of a nap before we had to get ready for dinner which was at a restaurant called Terrine. It was just the 3 of us and it was a place Markie and I had wanted to take another guest one time but they never came so we never went. Anyway, we finally did go and the food was delicious and the service was superb. Such a good meal and finally a restaurant over in Europe that has had decent lighting, not halogens set on you where you feel you are in a beauty salon. So big thumbs up to Terrine!

Next stop was to The Martini Club for catch up drinks with a group of friends. The drinks were good…well I’m speaking for myself and my mocktails but the temperature was cranked up in there and everyone was sweating up a storm. Despite the fact it was only about 14 degrees outside, it seemed about 30 deg inside and everyone was pretty uncomfortable. It didn’t stop anyone from staying and drinking and catching up but it was just really unpleasant. We were there from 10pm-2am which for me is a really late night but it was so nice to see everyone again and have some good conversations and catch up on the latest goss so we had a really nice time.

Sunday honestly was a complete dud. It poured down raining the entire day and we started late again and found a place for breakfast and literally stayed inside the rest of the day occupying ourselves on our laptops, phones or napping and just wasting the day completely. We couldn’t even be bothered heading out for dinner so I got some food delivered and we hung out and had a quiet night.

It was time to come back to Switzerland on Monday morning after we packed and cleaned up and with only a few hours left of Timie’s stay the mood was a little sombre. We dropped him off at the airport last night sadly and saw our friend off. Hoping that it’s not more than 8 months before we see him again and take a trip back for Sydney for a few weeks but one never knows with a newborn and what their behaviour will allow. Time will tell on that one I suppose.

So today it’s back to business as usual with Mark at work and me home getting things back to working order. Unfortunately I am not quite in working order with a slight disability with my pelvis and walking in general proves a challenge but hopefully it’s not too much longer that I have to deal with it. My problem is i’m not too sure what the definition of “taking it easy” is….not sure I grasp the concept so I’m not doing myself any favours. Anywho…enough about that.

So there’s a bit of a long post for you! This weekend we are switching on the baby mode button and need to get cracking on the nursery and we have a hospital tour lined up on Saturday. We’ve got 4 more weekends where we are just a family of 3 before my Mum arrives and then our little piglet will join us to make 4. Exciting times ahead and gee it’s coming quickly.

Have a good week everyone and thanks for tuning in.

Till next time…..xx

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