Quick Update

10 Jul

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and since there hasn’t been much happening I will just keep this one short and sweet!

We had contemplated getting away last weekend to meet a friend over here from Aus doing a bit of a nuts cycling few days but being 35 weeks pregnant and it being a 6 hour drive from our place we thought we best not tempt fate just in case something were to happen so we just stayed in the vicinity. Nothing has been happening with my pregnancy which is a cause for concern but we just thought we’d play it on the safe side now that it’s getting towards the end.

So these past 2 weeks have kind of been Mr. Hanky heavy weeks and getting ready for this little one’s arrival and we’ve completed the nursery..woo hoo! We’ve done a tour of the hospital as well so we know where to go and what it all looks like and what’s available. Now we’re just waiting for kiddo’s arrival whenever it decides that the time is right so Markie and I have only 2 more weekends together where it’s just the two of us before my mum arrives and then that’s it for however many years.

We’ve been getting into Le Tour as well which has occupied many weekend hours and weekday hours for me. Wimbledon was a bit of an anti-climax this year unfortunately…for me anyway as after Feds and Nads were out I really didn’t care who went through although I’m happier that Andy Murray was victorious over Djokovic.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Tim and I attempted some sightseeing in Liechtenstein and were going to see a castle and didn’t get to it. Well, Markie went there last Wednesday evening with a friend and colleague and had dinner in their restaurant so after seeing some pictures I now feel like I’ve been as well 🙂 No it’s not quite that easy but I saw it from the outside and now with the pics I’ve kind of seen it from the inside although not experienced it first hand. Maybe in a couple of months we’ll go together.

Switzerland Summer has hit us and we’re on our second consecutive warm week with next week’s forecast to be the same so I’m in heaven. We don’t have any plans although our Ikea Friday nights have made a come back and we were there last week picking up some final things for the bubs room and a few more glasses which I seem to have a knack for breaking at the moment. I think we might be back out there this Friday night to pick up some more curtains or I don’t know maybe we’ll just go there because that is our Friday night out at the moment. How sad!

Ok that’s enough babble as literally that is all we’ve had on since Timie left a couple of weeks ago. Markie has two more weeks after this one of work until he gets a 3 week break for the European Summer when they’re closing shop and he is counting down the days and probably starting Monday it will be the hours as he’s pretty ready for a break. Then as I mentioned before we’ve got my Mum coming over in 2 weeks and she’ll be here for just over 2 months and well soon our lives will never be the same again. The one thing I am really happy about seeing the back of…pelvic problems which have forced me to stop walking and every roll in bed is about a 5 minute painful exercise.

I may or may not be back next week…it really depends how much happens between now and then which I can’t see being as much.

Hope you’re all having a good week! Well done…Hump day is over and you’re on the downhill to the weekend.

Till next time…..xx

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