Summer Time

29 Jul

I know, I know…it seems to get longer and longer between drinks on my end. Thing is not a great deal happens so I really don’t have a great deal to report. Well that’s changed for the moment 🙂

The past couple of weeks have been stinking hot…as in low to mid 30’s which is probably the usual day in Sydney’s Summer but because we are now acclimatised to temperatures of -10 and that goes on for what feels like 9 months a year, then mid 30’s is a scorcher and when you have them back to back for 3 weeks, well you just want some respite. Today we finally got it. Last Tuesday night we had a tiny bit of rain but it was short lived but today it has rained allllll day. Bliss! Although makes wanting to go out and get the groceries not too appealing a prospect.

This weekend just gone we got out and about but the two prior were really quite uneventful. Markie got to get out on his bike finally and we watched the Tour de France and of course did our usual Ikea trip for some more curtains and plants etc so it wasn’t too exciting but on the other hand we have done a fair bit of relaxing…oh and baking. I’ve been making muffins, banana and date loaf, coconut rough slices, muesli bars and plenty of ice cream so I stay busy although I find doing that really quite relaxing and it’s my time where I get to create yumminess and then quickly pass it off because at the moment I don’t need any help looking bigger than I already am.

So last Wednesday night my Mum rocked up into town and it’s been lovely having her here to visit. We’ve now been in Europe 2 years come September 24th so we’re only a couple of months off and it’s the first time Mum has been over to visit. I did go home last year in April so I have seen her since then but it’s so nice to have her here with us in our home to spend time with and catch up. She is staying for about 2.5 months so I put her to work today….vacuuming! I have to say it was pretty hard to watch my mother wheeling it around and vacuuming when I’m still pretty capable but she tells me she’s here to help whilst in my final few weeks of up-the-duffness and insists. Ahhh I do feel a bit bad. I’m sure I’ll get used to it reasonably quickly though!

Mum and I have taken it pretty easy since her arrival and gone for some walks – slow and not too long since I can’t really walk so well but I’m getting out there a bit. We’ve had a look around the town and this weekend with Markie home we went to Konstanz (our usual haunt we take guests now) on the Swiss and German border to have some lunch on the water there and a bit of a look around and of course some ice cream to cool off as it was stinking hot. Mark and Rocco then went for a swim while Mum and I did the big weekly grocery shop. Saturday night was just pretty relaxed at home with a relatively early night.

Yesterday we started the day off pretty slowly and then jumped in the car and went to a little rocky area near a river off the Rheine where we could go for a swim and have a bit of a bake in the sun. Mum brought her book so was occupied whilst Markie, Rocco and I all went for a swim. It was soooo refreshing after so many hot days and the spot was really pretty. Rocco who isn’t the most athletic of dogs and is usually a little hesitant in the water was even paddling out to us off his own bat and he seems to be getting to be a pretty strong little swimmer. What cracks us up every time is that even when you hold him up above and out of the water he still does the doggy paddle action and amuses everyone who sees.

We got in the car after we were done at the river and drove up this big peak called Santis which is a mountain that Mark rode his bike up last weekend so he wanted to show off a little to us so we could see what he accomplished (and it was very impressive indeed) but also to show us the site from up there and how pretty it was. So up we went and had a look around but it was really windy and hot so we didn’t hang around too long before driving home and having a really late lunch/early dinner BBQ which hit the spot nicely.

Markie was meant to finish up work last Friday but was called back to go in 3 days this week so starting Wednesday afternoon he has his 3 weeks off. It’s not paternity leave, it’s just that the Europeans all have their Summer holiday in August and the place in which he works is shutting down for 3 weeks so it’s pretty much forced leave but the timing couldn’t have been better. I think he’s pretty excited about having some time to unwind and relax.

With me and little Hanky – we’re good! We’re still here joined as one. I’ve got my due date in 1.5 weeks although I’m expecting to go late a la the Duchess since most first time mums do so I don’t have high hopes for an early arrival. I’m not really uncomfortable and still love feeling the little bugger squirming in my belly but I am ready and will be happy when this little one decides to bless us with it’s presence. Everything is ready to go which makes “nesting” rather impossible so sitting on my arse and not doing much of anything seems to be what I am currently perfecting although I’m not feeling too guilty since it will be the last time for a while in which I will be able to do it.

That’s it from us. I’ve seen you’re having a pretty nice Winter and your temps today were warmer than ours so I don’t want to read any whiny posts on Facebook about poor you and the weather and how cold it is. I may or may not be in touch next week – it really depends if we do anything this week to be honest and if it’s write and read-worthy.

Enjoy your week and I’ll see you when I see you!

Till next time…..xx

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