What A Week!

13 Aug

Wow! Big Week this one…not so much because we’ve been gallivanting around and living the high life but because we became a family. That’s sounds so cool! Markie, Humphrey, Rocco and I are one little unit now.

So leading up to the day of Humphrey’s birth seemed like an eternity and I was just trying to find things to do and stay occupied since the days were dragging. As much as I wanted to have little Humpy before his due date I really wasn’t expecting it because as a first time mum statistics are against it and also I hadn’t really had any signs that he was on his way.

The weekend before last Markie and I found a new swimming spot and took Rocco there for a bit of a dip. It was also a public holiday for Swiss National Day on the Thursday before and we took Mum to Schaffhausen to see the waterfall and went to Stein Am Rhein for a look around and then found another little place for a swim since it’s been so hot. Then there were a couple of days thrown in there where we did absolutely nothing but hang out at home and chat or watch tv shows etc.

Monday August 5th was the big day though. I woke up around 8am and thought it was just a regular day. I had an OB appointment booked in the morning so we were all getting ready to go to that and my Mum was pretty excited as I thought I’d be getting an ultrasound so she was looking forward to seeing little Humphrey (or Hanky still at that time) on the screen but all they did was hook me up to a machine to check the baby’s heartbeat and movement which lasted about half an hour. I had started having contractions just before we went to the appointment but they were really sporadic but I did think it was the real deal. Thing is on the machine at my appointment the Doc said they weren’t coming up on the graph so I thought I must be dreaming.

We got home and had breakfast and then things got a bit more serious with stronger contractions and them being closer and closer together. Mum and I had a skype with my sister and said it was likely on like donkey kong and we were hoping for a kidlet that night or the next morning at the latest. The pains came and went all day and at 8pm I couldn’t take it anymore at home so we headed in to the hospital. I will save you all the details but from the time I arrived to the time Humphrey entered the world it was 2 hours so I wasn’t there for too long. I had a natural medication free birth so it was just how I’d wanted it and planned for. I’m lucky the little kritter was just a small guy weighing in at 2.825kg and measuring 46cm in length. Such a cute little dude!

So Monday was a BIG day. I stayed in the hospital until Friday and I have to say I couldn’t have asked for a nicer experience. Despite not all the nurses speaking English they all put in a huge effort to do so and were all really really lovely. The food was fantastic as well. The presentation and the flavours took me completely by surprise because even though it’s a private hospital I just wasn’t expecting that so I was pleasantly surprised. I had my OB come and see me every day that I was there and of course the beautiful father of my child and mother came to visit each day as well. I decided to call it though on Thursday and say I would be out of there the next day.

Since we’ve been home things have been good for the majority of the time. He is a little angel during the day and at night it’s a little harder. Markie and I live on a 3 hour repetitive cycle for changing and feeding the little guy and it’s kind of just hit us both really hard now with the lack of sleep at night so we’re trying to take some naps during the day. Humphrey is the coolest little dude and rarely cries but we are all getting to know each other and falling more and more in love each day. As if we needed any more proof that Mark is his father but it comes even more to light when Humphrey flatulates and the similarity in length and audibility. Very very funny and we have had many laughs over it.

Honestly there has been nothing else going on…just looking after this tiny little creature and answering to his every whim. I suspect it will remain this way for a few weeks yet for me but I’m loving it and couldn’t be happier.

Markie and I will probably be “those people” for a little while longer who only have pictures to post of their child or things to say about their child but give it to us for just a little bit longer and then we hope we can become our own people again as well.

We’ve been following the temperatures in Sydney and just to let you know your Winter days seem to be warmer than our Summer ones now. There has already been quite a steep drop in degrees and we are hitting tops of 25 at the moment so a pretty big leap from early to mid 30’s less than 2 weeks ago. Oh dear…our 9 month long Winter is a comin’.

I’ll leave it there but hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!

Till next time…..xx

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