One Month Zombie

5 Sep

Today our little angel/devil turned one month! The past month has gone surprisingly really fast. Considering I’ve been awake for most of it…it has sped right on by. I guess each day I’m learning about my baby and what makes him tick, and trying to figure out what he’s crying about, enjoying our many cuddles and just watching him sleep, breathe and discover.

Mark and I have been able to get out of the house on a few occasions and take Humphrey with us. He has been such a well behaved little boy. I got a really lovely one hour massage last week on Tuesday which was so very needed. It was nice to be able to lie on my stomach again and just not worry for an hour about any cries or whimpers. I thank my darling husband for allowing me that luxury and pause from the daily status quo even if it was just a quick one.

My mum is still here and has been helping out. She has also been our resident chef which has been fab to get some lovely home cooked meals and not have to make them for a change. In a few weeks we have my Aunty and Uncle visiting for a couple of days as well which will be lovely.

This weekend we are going to attempt a road trip to Lugano with the fam. I’m excited to go back to the gorgeous city even if it’s just for a couple of days. We’ve decided to drive down on a Sunday and then come back late on Monday night as to miss the worst of the traffic and so that it’s not so busy when we’re there. Mark is taking Monday off work so it will be nice to have him for a 3 day weekend again.

Speaking of Markie and having him around…he started back at work last Wednesday after having 4 weeks off. It was so nice to have him around for so long to spend time with and be able to hang out all together as a family for a while. During his time at home we had a photographer come and take some pics of little Humphrey looking all cute, Anne Geddes style. We’ve seen them all and got to pick 15 to keep and that will be edited a little. I can’t wait to get them all as he looks so adorable.

I wish I had more to talk about and to not bore you with baby stuff. I’m afraid that is currently my life at the moment though. Hopefully in the coming months we will be able to get out and about a little bit more but for the moment my 24 hour, 7 day a week job is taking care and looking after this cute little dude.

Even though Summer has come to a close we are still getting some really nice days. I’m hoping these continue for a while since our Summer did start a little late. Here’s hoping we can match temperatures of your current Winter. Gee I miss Australian weather.

All right…I’m leaving it there. I know it’s been a while since my last post but when there’s nothing to report, I don’t really want to waste your time. Plus the days have all blended into one big one and when I think I might have 5 minutes to write, it turns out I really don’t.

Till next time…..xx

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