It’s Been Too Long Between Drinks…Figuratively and Literally

26 Nov

Hey folks…well bloody hell, here I am writing again. It has been too long. I haven’t written for a few reasons. 1) The time I have had free I have decided to do other things with that time, 2) That “free time” was mostly 20 minute blocks because Humphrey decided he doesn’t like sleeping, 3) I have really not had a whole lot to say.

I will give a run down on the past 2.5 months – hey that’s actually not as long as I thought it had been. Anyway…so I last posted at the start of September and a month after our little boy was born. In September my Mum was still with us giving us a hand, making us dinner, letting Mark make fun of her and once past the half way point we all our little issues ironed out and were getting along famously. It was really sad to see her leave. I’m glad I had her here because Mark had a major go-live on his project so he was hardly around for a couple of weeks. There were a few consecutive days there he didn’t even come home and stayed at a hotel out near his work because the hours he was keeping were utterly ridiculous.

Markie celebrated his birthday but it was a bit of an anti-climax with him having to work but I made a yummy cake for it and Mum made his favourite dinner. My Aunty popped over from Dubai as well for a few days which was great and it was nice to see some family since it had been a couple of years, since our wedding that we had done so. Honestly, that was pretty much September all summed up.

In October we had 10 days where it was just Mark and I and we didn’t have guests. Humphrey was a little older and we were able to get into a bit of a groove. Mark was still going to work each day but we had time at night to ourselves and Markie got started on sleeping in the spare room as to not be interrupted at night by the baby. So, so, so jealous I was. But being Daisy the Cow it was/is my duty so there’s not much point both of us losing sleep so I encouraged it. After those 10 days Mark’s mum and step-dad arrived for a 2.5 week stay. The first few days they were here Markie had to work but they kept themselves occupied and went into town a few days and also hopped on a train and headed into Zurich. Then began Mark’s week off work so we all spent the weekend together. When I say together we all squished into a car and headed to Konstanz on one of the days and the other I stayed home with Humphrey while the posse went out together. The next week Karen and Geoff took off for 3 days and did some sight seeing so since Markie had taken the time off work he and I decided just to hang out together at home which we hadn’t had too much of a chance to do in recent times. Once the olds returned we took a 3 day trip to Munich and showed them around.

There I had my first night out while we left Humphrey with his grandmother in the hotel. Mark and I went for dinner with some of our friends from there and had a really good night. We went to our favourite Greek restaurant there and had a few drinks and ate some delicious food and ended the night throwing bunches of serviettes around the place. I think that was their alternative to smashing plates because really, that would be quite an expensive exercise every week. We got back just after midnight and then I was on duty about 20 minutes after walking in the door. Lucky I had some pumped milk ready to go for the little guy.

While we were there we hit up the Hofbrauhaus and indulged in the scrumptious pork knuckle, enormous pretzel and the gang downed a few beers. We got to see the old town again;  drive on the road with good drivers;  stroll through the English Gardens; and sit and have lunch at Viktualienmarkt. It was a good trip and on the way home we went to the Neuschwanstein Castle for a few hours where Mark, Humphrey and I got caught in a hail storm on the way down which was fun.

This takes us to the start of this month…November. Once K & G left, Mark and I had a few days where Markie worked from home before he had his first trip to the US for work. He is on the same project but it is a global rollout so it’s hitting a number of different countries. This one in the US was meant to be finished in April, or the end of…now it looks like the end of July. He is travelling over for 2 work weeks, then comes back for 2 weekends and the week in between so it’s about 11 days gone, 10 days home and he works from home when he’s back. Thank goodness for that because otherwise we’d never see him. He has now been home since Friday which has been bliss and we’re trying to figure out what we should do because we don’t think this arrangement is going to cut it for 7 more months. So we’re thinking of our options at the moment. I’ll keep you updated on what we end up deciding.

In the background of all this I was sorting through paperwork for Humphrey for his Australian citizenship by getting documents translated and hunting down others that didn’t exist by contacting offices and google translating languages but finally we received it. The next step was to get his passport but we had to travel to Geneva to do so. Due to the fact that it could take about 10 working days to received it, we had to get on to that while Markie was gone otherwise we may not have gotten it in time for our intended travel date to Sydney. So Humphrey, Rocco and I jumped on some buses and trains and made the 4 hour journey there for our interview (which took 10 minutes). We stayed the night in a hotel and then headed home the next day.

The passport has just arrived in the post today so I am pumped and we can book our flights to head home for a few weeks break in December, Jan and possibly even February for me. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be going home for a while for Summer with the little guy to see all of our nearest and dearest.

Before that Markie has another trip the the States where I’ll be a single mum again for a little while but then we have our trip home so I’m just counting down the days for that now.

Well…that should bring you all up to speed on where we are now and what’s been happening in our lives. Humphrey is 4 months old in a week and I don’t know where the time has gone…he is enormous and is only 1 kg off weighing triple his birth weight (which apparently he should be at 12 months) so we’re growing a real tank over here. He is utterly adorable and we’re getting loads of smiles. He doesn’t shut up with his talking which all through the day is the best thing in the world but when he wakes at 3, 4, and 5am to do it…not so much. We love him to bits and are just enjoying seeing him develop and grow.

So that’s it folks. I’ll see what photos I have although I don’t think too many. Look forward to catching up with you all in a few short weeks. Yippee!!!!!

Till next time…..xx


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