2 Dec

No, this has nothing to do with us going to a theme park or anything like that. I’ve called this post “rollercoaster” because, well, my life and emotions are on a bit of one at the moment. With Mark gone to the US for work yet again, I am left on my own with Humphrey and Rocco and the beginning of Winter. I’ve had a lot of practise at spending time on my own so I’m ok with that but it just sucks that my favourite person in the world has gone again after 10 solid days straight of being home with me which was bliss. Cold Turkey!

This past week we’ve done a little bit. I didn’t mention that on Sunday a week ago we went to a shindig for English speaking parents. I found this group on which is a great avenue to meet people who are in a similar situation or whom have the same interests. I’d not yet been to anything here in Switzerland but thought this event, being the annual group party, was a good one to go to. A bonus was that Mark was home and we could go together and pass Humphrey between us to carry his heavy little bum around. We met a nice American couple and chatted with them for a while. The rest of the group didn’t really pop out at us or look like our “kind” of people but that’s why these blind dates can be a bit hit or miss. The couple we did click with invited us to their place this Saturday just gone so we went over there for some drinks and snacks which was a nice way to spend an afternoon. They have two kids who are a few years older than Humphrey but it’s not so much for him to play as it is for us to start socialising. We’ve been living here almost 9 months and they are the first people we’ve met. Sad but true.

We also had two of our friends from Munich come and stay with us on the weekend which was great. It was nice to be able to catch up and show them around Zurich and just shoot the breeze for a couple of days with people we know and are familiar with. It was really cold yesterday while we were walking through town having a look around but the sun was out which made it slightly more bearable. The shops were also open which is unusual as over in these parts they generally are closed on Sundays …all except for cafe’s and restaurants …so that was a nice surprise. We had a nice warm hearty meal for lunch before heading back to our place and then seeing our friends off.

While Mark was home last week we also took Humphrey to the indoor pool up the road again for another swim. He was moving his legs a little but it would be a stretch to say he was kicking them. He seems to enjoy the water and it’s great taking him. Can’t wait to take him to the beach when we get home in a couple of weeks and see how he responds. Hopefully it’s not too cold for the little guy.

Other than that, Mark and I have been discussing our future a fair bit and where it might look like we’ll be since we’re not so happy with this arrangement of him being in the US for 2 week blocks until, most likely, the end of July next year. So it seems as though we are going to try and move to the States or Canada for 6 months when I return from Aus in February and then we shall see what the next step is after that. We have several options and depending on our trip home coming up could sway us to making the move back there towards the end of next year or not. If we don’t make the jump back to Sydney then we will more than likely return to Munich for a couple more years so we only know what the next 6 or 7 months will bring and anything past that is anyone’s guess at the moment.

The countdown is on for our trip. We head out of here in 2 weeks to the day. Not only am I counting down the days to the trip but also the days until Mark’s return. Once he is back it will be just around the corner. I’m not going to lie…I’m a little nervous about the jetlag. Not for me so much but for Humphrey. He is just sorting out his day and night and now we’re going to flip it all on him so hopefully he’ll be ok. I’m preparing myself for some horrid nights when we first get there but fingers crossed it won’t take any more than a week to sort him out. So… Mark will be coming for roughly 4 weeks and me for 9! Yippee….I’m so excited to catch up with you all and have some good coffee, great food, sun and surf and last but not least, be able to communicate without any problems or second guessing what the hell it is I am asking for. Bliss.

That’s it from me. Not much happening this week apart from an appointment at the paediatrician. Other than that I don’t think I’ll be leaving our apartment because it’s so cold outside. I’ll just stay in my warm little cocoon.

Ok folks. Thanks for joining and I may or may not write one more post before we make our move. We’re taking bookings so if you want to catch up, let us know when you’re available and we’ll start a bit of a diary. Also…I’m open for some play dates for Humphrey so he can start to socialise a bit too.

Enjoy the beginning of Summer….I’ll meet you there soon.

Till next time…..xx


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