So…This Happened

31 Mar

Sorry the pics are a bit baby heavy….


Right! Where was I??? I last wrote 4 months ago – holy moly that is a long time. Gone are the days I wrote weekly. Our life has definitely gone down a notch in the excitement factor since Humphrey came along – well, it’s a different kind of excitement now but a lot more boring for folks to hear about.

Mid-December we finally made a trip home to Australia…an awesome, awesome trip that I really needed as home sickness was starting the get the better of me. We had a catch up with those who could make it a few days after we landed at the Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel and although rather crazy as we brought little Humpadinkle along it was so nice to see everyone after so long. A really long time for Mark especially who hadn’t been home in almost 2.5 years.

Throughout our stay we had some catch ups with our friends and we travelled to New Zealand to spend Christmas with Mark’s sisters family as it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen the clan and Humphrey had to meet his Aunty, Uncle and 4 cousins! We had the best time there and it was nice to just hang out and celebrate this family holiday with a nice, big family. We were there for my 31st birthday as well and I was treated to the most wonderful (slightly drunken) lunch at a winery on Waiheke Island by Nealie and Andy. Between them and Mark I didn’t have to look after Humphrey apart from feeding him – the 3 of them sorted him out and he was definitely not on his best behaviour that day either.

We were back in Sydney for New Years Eve where we spent the afternoon with some gorgeous friends and had a late lunch/early dinner so all the kiddies could be wrapped up and in bed at a reasonable hour. Mark was up after midnight working and I think shut off just before the clock struck twelve to watch the fireworks on television. Me…I was in bed around 10:30pm so just a regular night for me. Actually that is a late one now since I generally crash out somewhere between 9:30 and 10pm these days.

Mark had to leave on January 10th to head back to Switzerland to work – he was meant to fly to the States but on the day he was flying out he received an email summoning him to Switzerland instead. Good amount of heads up! I was staying for another 5 weeks – the longest Mark and I have every been apart and also at that stage was about 1/4 of Humphrey’s life…so quite a long time since things change with that little critter so quickly. I was lapping up the sun (not so much the sea unfortunately) and making the most of having my Mum around to babysit. Lots of dinners were had, and catch ups with friends. It was so nice to be in a familiar place again and talk to people whom there’s a history with…and to strangers in English. Ah English!

Thanks to everyone who leant us (and offered) their belongings so we could accommodate the little guy…that helped us immensely.

I headed back to Switzerland mid February and it was decided that Mark and I would move to Canada since he would be working there and in the US for the next 6 or so months. We were originally going to move in the middle of March but when I arrived back in Europe we thought the sooner, the better so we started packing the apartment up frantically and getting ready to jump on a plane the next weekend. On Friday morning Mark received an email stating he had been denied of the original working visa he had applied for….um, but we are meant to leave in 2 days and we HAVE to be out of our apartment by the end of March as we’d given up the lease. Right…spanner accepted. We tried to figure out what in the world we were going to do – there were a number of options and I will spare you the details but long story, short he was granted a different visa and we also all applied for a US one as well. For a month we lived in a half packed apartment and waited with bated breath to find out our fate and it ended up making our original plan of a middle of March move be the plan we had to go with.

On March 23rd we jumped on a plane and headed over to Canada…our new home country for the next however long. This didn’t just happen with ease – no, no. We had to figure out what we were going to do with our apartment full of furniture – to store or ship and if so to store and ship to where, find cleaners to sort through the apartment, pack and wash everything we were storing/shipping and also bringing with us, and pack all that we were taking with us to Canada. We want to do some travelling so we had to pack as lightly as we could – this ended up being a checked in piece and hand luggage each (including Humphrey) so not super light in the end. Anyway, all worked out and what we believed would take around 3-5 hours for the removalists to come and pack everything ended up being 9hours and then another 3.5 on top of that for Mark to throw out the garbage and take the clothes we were getting rid of to the clothing bin up the road (all without a car). Mark arrived at the hotel at Zurich airport at 1:30am and we were due to be up at 6am for our flight. Poor bastard…honestly, he was just ruined.

The 9.5 hour flight wasn’t too bad – compared to the 24 hr one to Sydney, anything is a piece of cake. Humphrey was pretty well behaved apart from the last 2 hours when he was a bit of a D-bag but overall, he was pretty good. We landed in Toronto and then had a 2 hour drive to our new home of London, Ontario. We had to stop at Target to get a few things…like a bed for Humphrey, on the way but we arrived at our new home around 7pm.

We’ve now been here just over a week. Mark had to be in Pennsylvania for work last week so he was gone the whole week and came home on Friday. He is there the next 2 weeks also but since it’s a 6 hour drive in each direction he will most probably just stay there over next weekend so we’re apart for 11 days and hopefully then he will mostly be home.

I’ve got a car, the spoken language in English (and French…but English mostly where I am), and I’m getting out and about. The grocery stores are fantastic and have everything you could want which is such a nice change from the past 2.5 years. Mark and I have joined a fantastic gym which is a chain and they have child care which we put to the test on the weekend. It was the first time we’ve left Humphrey with strangers and it was surprisingly easy. Probably because we were in the same complex and I kept going in to check on him without letting him see me of course. The first 10 minutes he cried his little heart out but then he was jumping in the exersaucer and eating books with the other baby there so I think he had a good time. We did a repeat on Sunday as well and Mum and Dad got to work out and be baby free for a little over and hour.

So far, so good and even though it’s still pretty bloody cold it is starting to warm up and it will only get warmer from here. We hope to do a bit of travel over North America whilst we’re here so hopefully we should have more to report over the coming months.

Sorry it’s been so long between updates but I’m hoping to make them a little more frequent now with a few interesting stories thrown in there as well.

A quarter of the year down, 3 quarters to go.

Till next time…


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