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Settled & In A Rhythm

6 May

The Hoggies blog photos this week are brought to you by the extraordinarily talented Mark Hodges 


Last I wrote we had just jumped from Switzerland over to Canada where we will be for…hmmm…around 6 months, but honestly who really knows. I’ve given up on believing how long we are meant to stay put because it just never is what it’s supposed to be. I am pretty happy here in London, Ontario though, I gotta say. I feel like a normal person again with a car and being able to go places and get around rather than rely on public transport or getting from A to B by foot. Life is just made so much easier as well now that I can speak English and not try and figure out how to just buy basic things or schedule appointments etc. Everyone here is really really friendly and it’s just such a breath of fresh air.

We have now been here about 5 weeks and we’re all settled in. Since I last wrote I have found a daycare for Humphrey just 2 afternoons a week for 2.5 hours to just give me a little bit of time to run some errands without him or go to the gym during the times that the child care there isn’t in operation. Mummy needs some mummy time and for that it is perfect. Everyone that looks after the little guy falls in love with him so it’s nice to know that it’s not just me that thinks he’s the bees knees. I’ve met a few other mums but not really reached out to any outside of the classes that we are a part of but it’s just a matter of time I think and I’ve just been finding my feet so far.

Mark is still working on and off in the States but he’s been home the past 3 weeks now. It’s been so nice to feel like a normal family with every member in the same house at night and in the mornings and just getting into a regular routine has been good. He is off to the States again this weekend though for 2 weeks so it will be back to living solo again for a little while.

We were able to get away over Easter. Mark and I procrastinated and procrastinated on what to do and where to go. We didn’t want to spend too much money and I also didn’t want to cross too many time zones because getting Humphrey into a new sleeping pattern is not the easiest challenge and I didn’t fancy being up at 4am or getting him to sleep at 10pm. We looked at Mexico, the Dominican Republic and a few other countries in the Caribbean, however, the week we intended to go was Holy Week. Holy Week is just before Easter and a lot of those countries stop serving alcohol and don’t allow water sports etc so that kind of ruled that out because if we were going on a holiday we intended on drinking, thanks very much. We were about to book a package to Cuba but by the time we had made our decision the deal was no longer available (we were booking the day before we intended to leave). So…what to do, what to do?!

We ended up going on a road trip to Chicago which is a 6 hour drive from our place. The Windy City by name and definitely the windy city by nature. We arrived on a Tuesday night and just went straight to bed after having some room service delivered but Wednesday we headed out to the Navy Pier and I think it took double the time it should have to walk there from our hotel because of the head wind we were facing. Navy Pier…mmm not too sure why it is a place to see. The hype and recommendations are really misleading. Go to Manly wharf in Sydney as it shits all over the Navy Pier. Next we headed to the Magnificent Mile – a mile of shopping. Great if you intend to shop, pointless if you don’t but still some beautiful shops and the Burberry building was really cool. We jumped on a trolley and purchased tickets to do a tour of Chicago as to get out of the windy day. We pretty much just stayed on the trolley until we reached a stop not far from our hotel and that was about it for our first day.

I had a really bad tooth ache that was giving me an earache and headache so I went to the dentist the following day and had 2 fillings while Mark and Humphrey had a bit of a boys morning. They went to see Cloud Gate at Millenium Park and then walked down the the Hilton Hotel which was pretty spectacular inside. Mark’s phone didn’t work so we decided to meet there at a certain time but I was still in the chair at the dentist so that plan didn’t quite go according to…well…plan. We met back at the hotel and then headed out once more to the Art Institute. We were in there all of 10 minutes when Humphrey decided it would be a good place to start squealing and crying so I took him and left Mark to wander around and check it out.

On Friday we hit up the Aquarium and the Field Museum and we jumped on the trolley again to see a bit more of the city. On Saturday we intended to go to the Skydeck, along with everyone else in Chicago so it seemed. The line was right around the corner and even though we had special passes so we could skip most lines, the Skydeck didn’t look like one of the lines we could jump so that was an error to try and go on the Saturday of the Easter long weekend. We decided to get on the L train (elevated train much like the old monorail in Sydney) and do a bit of a loop around the city. It kind of weaved between buildings so we didn’t get to see as much as we had hoped to but it was still something to do. We also walked around the city a bit and went to some different shops etc. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the planetarium either so 2 of the things we probably wanted to see most of all we left out. We hit the road on Sunday to drive to Detroit to stop in at the outlet malls for an Easter Monday of shopping so that was the end of our trip to Chi-town.

On the Thursday and Friday nights that we were there we had a babysitter come to the hotel room and mind Humphrey whilst Mark and I went out on a date night. Yep…2 nights in a row. Woo hoo! It was so nice as we hadn’t gone out together since late December or early January when we were in Sydney. That is definitely something we need to look for now when we travel – babysitting service at the hotel.

When we got back it was business as usual and back into the routine which I have taken a great liking to here. Hopefully we will get to do a bit more travel, although I’m not sure when. My guess is we may be able to sneak in a weekend getaway at the end of May or some time in June but it’s going to start getting pretty hectic for Mark with work and them ramping up for a supposed go-live in July. I guess we just have to see what we might be able to get away with.

So London is not a really hip and happening place, and it’s not super pretty but it’s got all we need, and everything is accessible. There’s a decent cafe down the street from our apartment but we bought a Nespresso machine so I go to the cafe once a week with Humphrey as my treat and just to get out of the house for a little bit in the morning and give us both a change of scenery. The gym we go to is fantastic and is less than a 5 minute drive away. They have some activities to do although we’ve not really done too much except for 10 pin bowling the other weekend. We need to hit up the park with rock climbing and go-karts etc for a bit of fun I think. There is a great mix of restaurants with all different cuisines and the cost of food is very reasonable so getting take-out doesn’t break the bank which is a nice change from Switzerland.

That seems to be it for this post. Again…not a great deal happening and a far cry from our gallivanting around when we first left Australia to Germany but it’s a different kind of experience now. The family experience abroad.

I won’t bore your socks off again so I’ll wait until we have something decent to report before I write again. Few and far between posts at the moment but hey, can’t be exciting all the time.

Hope it’s not getting too cold for you guys now it’s heading into Winter. We’re a few weeks away from Summer and had a top of 11 degrees today – sick! Thursday has a 22 degree day forecast though – definitely going to get the pins out for that one I think and blind a few people.

Take it easy y’all!


Till next time…..xx


So…This Happened

31 Mar

Sorry the pics are a bit baby heavy….


Right! Where was I??? I last wrote 4 months ago – holy moly that is a long time. Gone are the days I wrote weekly. Our life has definitely gone down a notch in the excitement factor since Humphrey came along – well, it’s a different kind of excitement now but a lot more boring for folks to hear about.

Mid-December we finally made a trip home to Australia…an awesome, awesome trip that I really needed as home sickness was starting the get the better of me. We had a catch up with those who could make it a few days after we landed at the Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel and although rather crazy as we brought little Humpadinkle along it was so nice to see everyone after so long. A really long time for Mark especially who hadn’t been home in almost 2.5 years.

Throughout our stay we had some catch ups with our friends and we travelled to New Zealand to spend Christmas with Mark’s sisters family as it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen the clan and Humphrey had to meet his Aunty, Uncle and 4 cousins! We had the best time there and it was nice to just hang out and celebrate this family holiday with a nice, big family. We were there for my 31st birthday as well and I was treated to the most wonderful (slightly drunken) lunch at a winery on Waiheke Island by Nealie and Andy. Between them and Mark I didn’t have to look after Humphrey apart from feeding him – the 3 of them sorted him out and he was definitely not on his best behaviour that day either.

We were back in Sydney for New Years Eve where we spent the afternoon with some gorgeous friends and had a late lunch/early dinner so all the kiddies could be wrapped up and in bed at a reasonable hour. Mark was up after midnight working and I think shut off just before the clock struck twelve to watch the fireworks on television. Me…I was in bed around 10:30pm so just a regular night for me. Actually that is a late one now since I generally crash out somewhere between 9:30 and 10pm these days.

Mark had to leave on January 10th to head back to Switzerland to work – he was meant to fly to the States but on the day he was flying out he received an email summoning him to Switzerland instead. Good amount of heads up! I was staying for another 5 weeks – the longest Mark and I have every been apart and also at that stage was about 1/4 of Humphrey’s life…so quite a long time since things change with that little critter so quickly. I was lapping up the sun (not so much the sea unfortunately) and making the most of having my Mum around to babysit. Lots of dinners were had, and catch ups with friends. It was so nice to be in a familiar place again and talk to people whom there’s a history with…and to strangers in English. Ah English!

Thanks to everyone who leant us (and offered) their belongings so we could accommodate the little guy…that helped us immensely.

I headed back to Switzerland mid February and it was decided that Mark and I would move to Canada since he would be working there and in the US for the next 6 or so months. We were originally going to move in the middle of March but when I arrived back in Europe we thought the sooner, the better so we started packing the apartment up frantically and getting ready to jump on a plane the next weekend. On Friday morning Mark received an email stating he had been denied of the original working visa he had applied for….um, but we are meant to leave in 2 days and we HAVE to be out of our apartment by the end of March as we’d given up the lease. Right…spanner accepted. We tried to figure out what in the world we were going to do – there were a number of options and I will spare you the details but long story, short he was granted a different visa and we also all applied for a US one as well. For a month we lived in a half packed apartment and waited with bated breath to find out our fate and it ended up making our original plan of a middle of March move be the plan we had to go with.

On March 23rd we jumped on a plane and headed over to Canada…our new home country for the next however long. This didn’t just happen with ease – no, no. We had to figure out what we were going to do with our apartment full of furniture – to store or ship and if so to store and ship to where, find cleaners to sort through the apartment, pack and wash everything we were storing/shipping and also bringing with us, and pack all that we were taking with us to Canada. We want to do some travelling so we had to pack as lightly as we could – this ended up being a checked in piece and hand luggage each (including Humphrey) so not super light in the end. Anyway, all worked out and what we believed would take around 3-5 hours for the removalists to come and pack everything ended up being 9hours and then another 3.5 on top of that for Mark to throw out the garbage and take the clothes we were getting rid of to the clothing bin up the road (all without a car). Mark arrived at the hotel at Zurich airport at 1:30am and we were due to be up at 6am for our flight. Poor bastard…honestly, he was just ruined.

The 9.5 hour flight wasn’t too bad – compared to the 24 hr one to Sydney, anything is a piece of cake. Humphrey was pretty well behaved apart from the last 2 hours when he was a bit of a D-bag but overall, he was pretty good. We landed in Toronto and then had a 2 hour drive to our new home of London, Ontario. We had to stop at Target to get a few things…like a bed for Humphrey, on the way but we arrived at our new home around 7pm.

We’ve now been here just over a week. Mark had to be in Pennsylvania for work last week so he was gone the whole week and came home on Friday. He is there the next 2 weeks also but since it’s a 6 hour drive in each direction he will most probably just stay there over next weekend so we’re apart for 11 days and hopefully then he will mostly be home.

I’ve got a car, the spoken language in English (and French…but English mostly where I am), and I’m getting out and about. The grocery stores are fantastic and have everything you could want which is such a nice change from the past 2.5 years. Mark and I have joined a fantastic gym which is a chain and they have child care which we put to the test on the weekend. It was the first time we’ve left Humphrey with strangers and it was surprisingly easy. Probably because we were in the same complex and I kept going in to check on him without letting him see me of course. The first 10 minutes he cried his little heart out but then he was jumping in the exersaucer and eating books with the other baby there so I think he had a good time. We did a repeat on Sunday as well and Mum and Dad got to work out and be baby free for a little over and hour.

So far, so good and even though it’s still pretty bloody cold it is starting to warm up and it will only get warmer from here. We hope to do a bit of travel over North America whilst we’re here so hopefully we should have more to report over the coming months.

Sorry it’s been so long between updates but I’m hoping to make them a little more frequent now with a few interesting stories thrown in there as well.

A quarter of the year down, 3 quarters to go.

Till next time…


2 Dec

No, this has nothing to do with us going to a theme park or anything like that. I’ve called this post “rollercoaster” because, well, my life and emotions are on a bit of one at the moment. With Mark gone to the US for work yet again, I am left on my own with Humphrey and Rocco and the beginning of Winter. I’ve had a lot of practise at spending time on my own so I’m ok with that but it just sucks that my favourite person in the world has gone again after 10 solid days straight of being home with me which was bliss. Cold Turkey!

This past week we’ve done a little bit. I didn’t mention that on Sunday a week ago we went to a shindig for English speaking parents. I found this group on which is a great avenue to meet people who are in a similar situation or whom have the same interests. I’d not yet been to anything here in Switzerland but thought this event, being the annual group party, was a good one to go to. A bonus was that Mark was home and we could go together and pass Humphrey between us to carry his heavy little bum around. We met a nice American couple and chatted with them for a while. The rest of the group didn’t really pop out at us or look like our “kind” of people but that’s why these blind dates can be a bit hit or miss. The couple we did click with invited us to their place this Saturday just gone so we went over there for some drinks and snacks which was a nice way to spend an afternoon. They have two kids who are a few years older than Humphrey but it’s not so much for him to play as it is for us to start socialising. We’ve been living here almost 9 months and they are the first people we’ve met. Sad but true.

We also had two of our friends from Munich come and stay with us on the weekend which was great. It was nice to be able to catch up and show them around Zurich and just shoot the breeze for a couple of days with people we know and are familiar with. It was really cold yesterday while we were walking through town having a look around but the sun was out which made it slightly more bearable. The shops were also open which is unusual as over in these parts they generally are closed on Sundays …all except for cafe’s and restaurants …so that was a nice surprise. We had a nice warm hearty meal for lunch before heading back to our place and then seeing our friends off.

While Mark was home last week we also took Humphrey to the indoor pool up the road again for another swim. He was moving his legs a little but it would be a stretch to say he was kicking them. He seems to enjoy the water and it’s great taking him. Can’t wait to take him to the beach when we get home in a couple of weeks and see how he responds. Hopefully it’s not too cold for the little guy.

Other than that, Mark and I have been discussing our future a fair bit and where it might look like we’ll be since we’re not so happy with this arrangement of him being in the US for 2 week blocks until, most likely, the end of July next year. So it seems as though we are going to try and move to the States or Canada for 6 months when I return from Aus in February and then we shall see what the next step is after that. We have several options and depending on our trip home coming up could sway us to making the move back there towards the end of next year or not. If we don’t make the jump back to Sydney then we will more than likely return to Munich for a couple more years so we only know what the next 6 or 7 months will bring and anything past that is anyone’s guess at the moment.

The countdown is on for our trip. We head out of here in 2 weeks to the day. Not only am I counting down the days to the trip but also the days until Mark’s return. Once he is back it will be just around the corner. I’m not going to lie…I’m a little nervous about the jetlag. Not for me so much but for Humphrey. He is just sorting out his day and night and now we’re going to flip it all on him so hopefully he’ll be ok. I’m preparing myself for some horrid nights when we first get there but fingers crossed it won’t take any more than a week to sort him out. So… Mark will be coming for roughly 4 weeks and me for 9! Yippee….I’m so excited to catch up with you all and have some good coffee, great food, sun and surf and last but not least, be able to communicate without any problems or second guessing what the hell it is I am asking for. Bliss.

That’s it from me. Not much happening this week apart from an appointment at the paediatrician. Other than that I don’t think I’ll be leaving our apartment because it’s so cold outside. I’ll just stay in my warm little cocoon.

Ok folks. Thanks for joining and I may or may not write one more post before we make our move. We’re taking bookings so if you want to catch up, let us know when you’re available and we’ll start a bit of a diary. Also…I’m open for some play dates for Humphrey so he can start to socialise a bit too.

Enjoy the beginning of Summer….I’ll meet you there soon.

Till next time…..xx

It’s Been Too Long Between Drinks…Figuratively and Literally

26 Nov

Hey folks…well bloody hell, here I am writing again. It has been too long. I haven’t written for a few reasons. 1) The time I have had free I have decided to do other things with that time, 2) That “free time” was mostly 20 minute blocks because Humphrey decided he doesn’t like sleeping, 3) I have really not had a whole lot to say.

I will give a run down on the past 2.5 months – hey that’s actually not as long as I thought it had been. Anyway…so I last posted at the start of September and a month after our little boy was born. In September my Mum was still with us giving us a hand, making us dinner, letting Mark make fun of her and once past the half way point we all our little issues ironed out and were getting along famously. It was really sad to see her leave. I’m glad I had her here because Mark had a major go-live on his project so he was hardly around for a couple of weeks. There were a few consecutive days there he didn’t even come home and stayed at a hotel out near his work because the hours he was keeping were utterly ridiculous.

Markie celebrated his birthday but it was a bit of an anti-climax with him having to work but I made a yummy cake for it and Mum made his favourite dinner. My Aunty popped over from Dubai as well for a few days which was great and it was nice to see some family since it had been a couple of years, since our wedding that we had done so. Honestly, that was pretty much September all summed up.

In October we had 10 days where it was just Mark and I and we didn’t have guests. Humphrey was a little older and we were able to get into a bit of a groove. Mark was still going to work each day but we had time at night to ourselves and Markie got started on sleeping in the spare room as to not be interrupted at night by the baby. So, so, so jealous I was. But being Daisy the Cow it was/is my duty so there’s not much point both of us losing sleep so I encouraged it. After those 10 days Mark’s mum and step-dad arrived for a 2.5 week stay. The first few days they were here Markie had to work but they kept themselves occupied and went into town a few days and also hopped on a train and headed into Zurich. Then began Mark’s week off work so we all spent the weekend together. When I say together we all squished into a car and headed to Konstanz on one of the days and the other I stayed home with Humphrey while the posse went out together. The next week Karen and Geoff took off for 3 days and did some sight seeing so since Markie had taken the time off work he and I decided just to hang out together at home which we hadn’t had too much of a chance to do in recent times. Once the olds returned we took a 3 day trip to Munich and showed them around.

There I had my first night out while we left Humphrey with his grandmother in the hotel. Mark and I went for dinner with some of our friends from there and had a really good night. We went to our favourite Greek restaurant there and had a few drinks and ate some delicious food and ended the night throwing bunches of serviettes around the place. I think that was their alternative to smashing plates because really, that would be quite an expensive exercise every week. We got back just after midnight and then I was on duty about 20 minutes after walking in the door. Lucky I had some pumped milk ready to go for the little guy.

While we were there we hit up the Hofbrauhaus and indulged in the scrumptious pork knuckle, enormous pretzel and the gang downed a few beers. We got to see the old town again;  drive on the road with good drivers;  stroll through the English Gardens; and sit and have lunch at Viktualienmarkt. It was a good trip and on the way home we went to the Neuschwanstein Castle for a few hours where Mark, Humphrey and I got caught in a hail storm on the way down which was fun.

This takes us to the start of this month…November. Once K & G left, Mark and I had a few days where Markie worked from home before he had his first trip to the US for work. He is on the same project but it is a global rollout so it’s hitting a number of different countries. This one in the US was meant to be finished in April, or the end of…now it looks like the end of July. He is travelling over for 2 work weeks, then comes back for 2 weekends and the week in between so it’s about 11 days gone, 10 days home and he works from home when he’s back. Thank goodness for that because otherwise we’d never see him. He has now been home since Friday which has been bliss and we’re trying to figure out what we should do because we don’t think this arrangement is going to cut it for 7 more months. So we’re thinking of our options at the moment. I’ll keep you updated on what we end up deciding.

In the background of all this I was sorting through paperwork for Humphrey for his Australian citizenship by getting documents translated and hunting down others that didn’t exist by contacting offices and google translating languages but finally we received it. The next step was to get his passport but we had to travel to Geneva to do so. Due to the fact that it could take about 10 working days to received it, we had to get on to that while Markie was gone otherwise we may not have gotten it in time for our intended travel date to Sydney. So Humphrey, Rocco and I jumped on some buses and trains and made the 4 hour journey there for our interview (which took 10 minutes). We stayed the night in a hotel and then headed home the next day.

The passport has just arrived in the post today so I am pumped and we can book our flights to head home for a few weeks break in December, Jan and possibly even February for me. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be going home for a while for Summer with the little guy to see all of our nearest and dearest.

Before that Markie has another trip the the States where I’ll be a single mum again for a little while but then we have our trip home so I’m just counting down the days for that now.

Well…that should bring you all up to speed on where we are now and what’s been happening in our lives. Humphrey is 4 months old in a week and I don’t know where the time has gone…he is enormous and is only 1 kg off weighing triple his birth weight (which apparently he should be at 12 months) so we’re growing a real tank over here. He is utterly adorable and we’re getting loads of smiles. He doesn’t shut up with his talking which all through the day is the best thing in the world but when he wakes at 3, 4, and 5am to do it…not so much. We love him to bits and are just enjoying seeing him develop and grow.

So that’s it folks. I’ll see what photos I have although I don’t think too many. Look forward to catching up with you all in a few short weeks. Yippee!!!!!

Till next time…..xx

One Month Zombie

5 Sep

Today our little angel/devil turned one month! The past month has gone surprisingly really fast. Considering I’ve been awake for most of it…it has sped right on by. I guess each day I’m learning about my baby and what makes him tick, and trying to figure out what he’s crying about, enjoying our many cuddles and just watching him sleep, breathe and discover.

Mark and I have been able to get out of the house on a few occasions and take Humphrey with us. He has been such a well behaved little boy. I got a really lovely one hour massage last week on Tuesday which was so very needed. It was nice to be able to lie on my stomach again and just not worry for an hour about any cries or whimpers. I thank my darling husband for allowing me that luxury and pause from the daily status quo even if it was just a quick one.

My mum is still here and has been helping out. She has also been our resident chef which has been fab to get some lovely home cooked meals and not have to make them for a change. In a few weeks we have my Aunty and Uncle visiting for a couple of days as well which will be lovely.

This weekend we are going to attempt a road trip to Lugano with the fam. I’m excited to go back to the gorgeous city even if it’s just for a couple of days. We’ve decided to drive down on a Sunday and then come back late on Monday night as to miss the worst of the traffic and so that it’s not so busy when we’re there. Mark is taking Monday off work so it will be nice to have him for a 3 day weekend again.

Speaking of Markie and having him around…he started back at work last Wednesday after having 4 weeks off. It was so nice to have him around for so long to spend time with and be able to hang out all together as a family for a while. During his time at home we had a photographer come and take some pics of little Humphrey looking all cute, Anne Geddes style. We’ve seen them all and got to pick 15 to keep and that will be edited a little. I can’t wait to get them all as he looks so adorable.

I wish I had more to talk about and to not bore you with baby stuff. I’m afraid that is currently my life at the moment though. Hopefully in the coming months we will be able to get out and about a little bit more but for the moment my 24 hour, 7 day a week job is taking care and looking after this cute little dude.

Even though Summer has come to a close we are still getting some really nice days. I’m hoping these continue for a while since our Summer did start a little late. Here’s hoping we can match temperatures of your current Winter. Gee I miss Australian weather.

All right…I’m leaving it there. I know it’s been a while since my last post but when there’s nothing to report, I don’t really want to waste your time. Plus the days have all blended into one big one and when I think I might have 5 minutes to write, it turns out I really don’t.

Till next time…..xx

What A Week!

13 Aug

Wow! Big Week this one…not so much because we’ve been gallivanting around and living the high life but because we became a family. That’s sounds so cool! Markie, Humphrey, Rocco and I are one little unit now.

So leading up to the day of Humphrey’s birth seemed like an eternity and I was just trying to find things to do and stay occupied since the days were dragging. As much as I wanted to have little Humpy before his due date I really wasn’t expecting it because as a first time mum statistics are against it and also I hadn’t really had any signs that he was on his way.

The weekend before last Markie and I found a new swimming spot and took Rocco there for a bit of a dip. It was also a public holiday for Swiss National Day on the Thursday before and we took Mum to Schaffhausen to see the waterfall and went to Stein Am Rhein for a look around and then found another little place for a swim since it’s been so hot. Then there were a couple of days thrown in there where we did absolutely nothing but hang out at home and chat or watch tv shows etc.

Monday August 5th was the big day though. I woke up around 8am and thought it was just a regular day. I had an OB appointment booked in the morning so we were all getting ready to go to that and my Mum was pretty excited as I thought I’d be getting an ultrasound so she was looking forward to seeing little Humphrey (or Hanky still at that time) on the screen but all they did was hook me up to a machine to check the baby’s heartbeat and movement which lasted about half an hour. I had started having contractions just before we went to the appointment but they were really sporadic but I did think it was the real deal. Thing is on the machine at my appointment the Doc said they weren’t coming up on the graph so I thought I must be dreaming.

We got home and had breakfast and then things got a bit more serious with stronger contractions and them being closer and closer together. Mum and I had a skype with my sister and said it was likely on like donkey kong and we were hoping for a kidlet that night or the next morning at the latest. The pains came and went all day and at 8pm I couldn’t take it anymore at home so we headed in to the hospital. I will save you all the details but from the time I arrived to the time Humphrey entered the world it was 2 hours so I wasn’t there for too long. I had a natural medication free birth so it was just how I’d wanted it and planned for. I’m lucky the little kritter was just a small guy weighing in at 2.825kg and measuring 46cm in length. Such a cute little dude!

So Monday was a BIG day. I stayed in the hospital until Friday and I have to say I couldn’t have asked for a nicer experience. Despite not all the nurses speaking English they all put in a huge effort to do so and were all really really lovely. The food was fantastic as well. The presentation and the flavours took me completely by surprise because even though it’s a private hospital I just wasn’t expecting that so I was pleasantly surprised. I had my OB come and see me every day that I was there and of course the beautiful father of my child and mother came to visit each day as well. I decided to call it though on Thursday and say I would be out of there the next day.

Since we’ve been home things have been good for the majority of the time. He is a little angel during the day and at night it’s a little harder. Markie and I live on a 3 hour repetitive cycle for changing and feeding the little guy and it’s kind of just hit us both really hard now with the lack of sleep at night so we’re trying to take some naps during the day. Humphrey is the coolest little dude and rarely cries but we are all getting to know each other and falling more and more in love each day. As if we needed any more proof that Mark is his father but it comes even more to light when Humphrey flatulates and the similarity in length and audibility. Very very funny and we have had many laughs over it.

Honestly there has been nothing else going on…just looking after this tiny little creature and answering to his every whim. I suspect it will remain this way for a few weeks yet for me but I’m loving it and couldn’t be happier.

Markie and I will probably be “those people” for a little while longer who only have pictures to post of their child or things to say about their child but give it to us for just a little bit longer and then we hope we can become our own people again as well.

We’ve been following the temperatures in Sydney and just to let you know your Winter days seem to be warmer than our Summer ones now. There has already been quite a steep drop in degrees and we are hitting tops of 25 at the moment so a pretty big leap from early to mid 30’s less than 2 weeks ago. Oh dear…our 9 month long Winter is a comin’.

I’ll leave it there but hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!

Till next time…..xx

Quick Update

10 Jul

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and since there hasn’t been much happening I will just keep this one short and sweet!

We had contemplated getting away last weekend to meet a friend over here from Aus doing a bit of a nuts cycling few days but being 35 weeks pregnant and it being a 6 hour drive from our place we thought we best not tempt fate just in case something were to happen so we just stayed in the vicinity. Nothing has been happening with my pregnancy which is a cause for concern but we just thought we’d play it on the safe side now that it’s getting towards the end.

So these past 2 weeks have kind of been Mr. Hanky heavy weeks and getting ready for this little one’s arrival and we’ve completed the nursery..woo hoo! We’ve done a tour of the hospital as well so we know where to go and what it all looks like and what’s available. Now we’re just waiting for kiddo’s arrival whenever it decides that the time is right so Markie and I have only 2 more weekends together where it’s just the two of us before my mum arrives and then that’s it for however many years.

We’ve been getting into Le Tour as well which has occupied many weekend hours and weekday hours for me. Wimbledon was a bit of an anti-climax this year unfortunately…for me anyway as after Feds and Nads were out I really didn’t care who went through although I’m happier that Andy Murray was victorious over Djokovic.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Tim and I attempted some sightseeing in Liechtenstein and were going to see a castle and didn’t get to it. Well, Markie went there last Wednesday evening with a friend and colleague and had dinner in their restaurant so after seeing some pictures I now feel like I’ve been as well 🙂 No it’s not quite that easy but I saw it from the outside and now with the pics I’ve kind of seen it from the inside although not experienced it first hand. Maybe in a couple of months we’ll go together.

Switzerland Summer has hit us and we’re on our second consecutive warm week with next week’s forecast to be the same so I’m in heaven. We don’t have any plans although our Ikea Friday nights have made a come back and we were there last week picking up some final things for the bubs room and a few more glasses which I seem to have a knack for breaking at the moment. I think we might be back out there this Friday night to pick up some more curtains or I don’t know maybe we’ll just go there because that is our Friday night out at the moment. How sad!

Ok that’s enough babble as literally that is all we’ve had on since Timie left a couple of weeks ago. Markie has two more weeks after this one of work until he gets a 3 week break for the European Summer when they’re closing shop and he is counting down the days and probably starting Monday it will be the hours as he’s pretty ready for a break. Then as I mentioned before we’ve got my Mum coming over in 2 weeks and she’ll be here for just over 2 months and well soon our lives will never be the same again. The one thing I am really happy about seeing the back of…pelvic problems which have forced me to stop walking and every roll in bed is about a 5 minute painful exercise.

I may or may not be back next week…it really depends how much happens between now and then which I can’t see being as much.

Hope you’re all having a good week! Well done…Hump day is over and you’re on the downhill to the weekend.

Till next time…..xx